We Need Your Help

We are looking for photos to accompany the narrative of IFAJ's history. In particular, we are looking for images of:

·         Past IFAJ presidents - Hans von Örtzen from Germany and France-Pierre Couvreur from France.

·         Past IFAJ secretaries general -  P. Toft Nielsen from Denmark (1969-1972); Bertil Gustafson from Sweden (1973-1974); and Marius Kwaak from The Netherlands (1989).

·         The IFAJ Constituent Assembly in Paris on November 16, 1956, when the constitution was signed, and any other early meeting when the IFAJ was being organized.

·         The World Congresses held in 1967 (Montreal, Canada), 1971 (Cannes, France), and 1976 (Ames, Iowa, USA).

·         Any of the annual Congresses from 1957 through 1989.  

Please scan your photos and attach them to an email to Connie Siemes at secretary(at)ifaj.org
Please include a description of each photo.