IFAJ 2017 World Congress South Africa

Taking place between the 2nd and 8th of April 2017 in Gauteng- and the Western Cape. 
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IFAJ 2018 - The Netherlands

Theme: Dutch Roots

Main congress: 12- 15 July 2018

The main congress will start in the region Food Valley and further visits are planned to a diversity of hotspot in the Netherlands.



For more information: Esther Rozeboom – esther(at)catch-on.nl

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Combine Sunset

Title of the photo/story: Harvest Wisdom
Publication: The Corn and Soybean Digest/www.cornandsoybeandigest.com, October, 2007, USA
Photographer: Harlen Persinger


Title of the photo/story: Macromanaging Micronutrients
Publication: Sept. 2007 issue of Corn & Soybean Digest, USA
Photographer: Greg Lamp, Editor

Cornfield SW

Title of the photo/story: Micromanaging Micronutrients
Publication: Corn & Soybean Digest, USA
Photographer: Susan Winsor, Managing Editor


Title of the photo/story: Insects like this dragonfly are prolific in rural Japan
Comments: part of the broader story "Rice research tops the list" and was published on the 28th September 2007.
Publication: www.abc.net.au/rural/features/ruraljapan in September of 2007
Photographer: Edwina Farley, National Reporter, ABC Rural Radio, Australia

Drought in Australia

Title of the photo/story: Drought in Australia
Comments:This photo was published along with an article on the drought in Australia.
Publication: farmingscotland.com magazine, Issue 43, October 2007, Scotland
Photographer: Eilidh MacPherson

Dusty wheat harvest

Title of the photo/story: Dusty, but beautiful wheat harvest in the evening
Publication: Land & Forst, Germany
Photographer: Christian Muehlhausen


Title of the photo/story: Equilibrium
Publication: Die Burger Wednesday 14 November 2007 Page 8, South Africa
Photographer: Theuns Botha

Farm tour

Publication: The Grower, August 2007, Canada
Photographer: Jamie Reaume, Managing Editor

Farm walk

Comments: The picturesque scene on the Farm Walk on Murtagh Walls Farm at Hilltown, Co Down with the mountains of Mourne in the background
Publication: Published Irish Farmers Journal 14th June 2007, Northern Ireland
Photographer: Columba O'Hare/ Fotacol

Feeling small

Title of the photo/story: Of course we are feeling little
Comments: A landscape of a smal forest owner and farmer in Sweden the first snowy day last winter. The couple in the picture – Per and Karin – are up against Swedish nature protection demands from the state. They don't agree and the headline was: Of course we are feeling little
Publication: Skogsland 23 november 2007, Sweden
Photographer: Rolf Segerstedt

Flowering rape

Title of the photo/story: Used for OSR stories and Bio Fuel features.
Publication: Farmers Weekly & CROPS magazine, Various in 2007, England
Photographer: Jonathan Page

Harvest evening

Title of the photo/story: "Don't solve life, live it!"
Publication: Ontario Farmer - October 16, 2007, Canada
Photographer: Anne Howden Thompson


Title of the photo/story: Das Havelluch steht an vielen Stellen unter Wasser (ThereÕs a lot of water in the Havelluch
Comments: Havelluch is a region in Eastern Germany. Many spots are flooded by the river Havel. The picture was taken during a report about water management in the region.
Publication: Farmers Weekly in Eastern Germany: BauernZeitung
Photographer: Fritz Fleege


Title of the photo/story: Closing thought
Comments: The photo was published with a poem in our Feb issue.
That spring, we happened to have a historic freeze which damaged the fruit crops in the state
Publication: Published Feb 2007, Today's Farmer magazine, USA
Photographer: James Fashing

Landscape Bali

Publication: Miljšmagasinet 21 of December
Photographer: Leif Bjšrklund

Landscape with cows

Title of the photo/story: Building on experience for a sustainable future
Publication: Farmers Guardian on 14.9.2007, England
Photographer: John Eveson

Lice flies on bird

Title of the photo/story: Louse flies on birds and other ectoparasites, an interesting, inherent part of the animal world
Comments: These louse flies are widely found and that birds, like the southern ant eating chat, sometimes sit down in ant nests and then open their wings for the ants to climb on and remove the mites and lice.
Publication: OVK Nuus News
Photographer: MC Fourie

Nature in South Africa

Title of the photo/story: Farmer cashes in on conservation
Publication: Landbouweekblad Issue Nr 1500; 11 May 2007) South Africa
Photographer: Charl van Rooyen

Northern Ireland

Title of the photo/story: Working careers span almost to 100 years on a hill. Story: two men who between them worked 100 years on this hill retired from the Department of Agriculture
Publication: Farm Week Newspaper from Northern Ireland, January 19, 2007
Photographer: Chris McCullough

Odervalley with sheep

Title of the photo/story: Schafe sind in Deutschland weniger von einer BTV-8-Infektion gefährdet als Rinder (Sheep are less infected by the virus BTV-8 than cattle)
Comments: The photo was taken in the valley of the river Oder in Eastern Germany. The river Oder is the frontier between Germany and Poland. The river valley is a good pasture for sheep. The grazing sheep protect the dykes, the dykes protect the land from floods.
Publication: farmers weekly in Eastern Germany, Bauernzeitung, May, 18, 2007, Germany
Photographer: Annekatrin Pischelt


Comments: The photo shows the famous sky in Schleswig-.Holstein, a typical rural region in Northern Germany. Poppy is a traditional plant of this region. It grows along streets and fields. On the photo, it is flowering along wheat fields.
Publication: farmers weekly in Northern Germany, Bauernblatt, No 42, 2007, Germany
Photographer: H. Dietrich Habbe


Title of the photo/story: The Art of Agriculture
Publication: AGRAR MAGAZINE, Serbia
Photographer: Slavoljub Eric


Title of the photo/story: Myanmar
Publication: in the book Just Add Water, published in Canada
Photographer: Les Kletke

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Comments: The picture shows the enterence of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault which is designed to provide ultimate, secure protection for plant genetics resources for food and agriculture from all countries in the world, against all kind of catastrophes.
Publication: Aasnytt no. 12/ 2007 p. 16-18. Norway
Photographer: Even Bratberg


Comments: Image used as the back cover of Partners magazine which reports on agricultural research in developing countries. Partners is produced by Coretext for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.
Publication: Partners, July-October 2007, page 32, australia
Photographer: Brad Collis

Waiting for spring

Title of the photo/story: Warten auf den FrŸhling (Waiting for spring)
Publication: Front page of the Farmers Weekly LZ Rheinland, Issue 12/2007, Germany
Photographer: Friederike Krick

Waterdrops on grass

Comments: On a misty day in December there was no wind and water drops of all sizes stayed on the grass (Welsches Weidelgras)
Publication: Prospekt der Norddeutschen Pflanzenzucht Hans-Georg Lembke KG, Germany
Photographer: Ulrike Baer