IFAJ 2017 World Congress South Africa

Taking place between the 2nd and 8th of April 2017 in Gauteng- and the Western Cape. 
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IFAJ 2018 - The Netherlands

Theme: Dutch Roots

Main congress: 12- 15 July 2018

The main congress will start in the region Food Valley and further visits are planned to a diversity of hotspot in the Netherlands.



For more information: Esther Rozeboom – esther(at)catch-on.nl

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Sponsorship opportunities

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How to join IFAJ

How to form a National Association of Agricultural Journalists and join IFAJ

If you live in a country that does not have an IFAJ-member association, you can join together with other professionals involved in agricultural communications (writing, editing, photography, public relations, web, broadcast, electronic, farm organization communication management). The IFAJ strongly recommends individuals in each country to band together and form a national association of agricultural journalists. Here you can find information how you can set up a national guild if your countries’ agricultural journalists are not yet organized.
If there is a national organization present, we recommend that you apply for IFAJ membership as a member-country. You will profit from the global network, from professional development activities, from participation in awards and many more.
To do this, you must provide IFAJ with a letter requesting IFAJ membership, a description of your association and members, a list of your board members and a copy of your association's constitution in an official IFAJ language (English, German, French). To see a sample constitution, click here. Your association’s request for membership will be considered at an upcoming general assembly of the IFAJ.

There is a membership fee. 

For any questions on this subject, you can contact the IFAJ global manager at globalmanager(at)ifaj.org.

The mission of global representatives of IFAJ

1)      To share the costs and benefits of your country’s IFAJ membership with your members and council

2)      To share information, links and IFAJ Exec objectives and activities with your members

3)      To act as an international link for your country and your members

4)      To promote the concept of the annual IFAJ Congress and the value in attending to all stakeholders (including members, non-members, sponsors and partners)

5)      To highlight the networking, professional learning and travel opportunities for your members

6)      To demonstrate the value of the IFAJ network for freelancers, contacts and knowledge sharing to all stakeholders (including members, non-members, sponsors and partners)

7)      To highlight the timings and value of entering the IFAJ awards to your members