IFAJ 2017 World Congress South Africa

Taking place between the 2nd and 8th of April 2017 in Gauteng- and the Western Cape. 
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IFAJ 2018 - The Netherlands

Theme: Dutch Roots

Main congress: 12- 15 July 2018

The main congress will start in the region Food Valley and further visits are planned to a diversity of hotspot in the Netherlands.



For more information: Esther Rozeboom – esther(at)catch-on.nl

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2012 Broadcast Winners

Eric Poulsen of Denmark is the big winner in this year’s IFAJ Star Prize for broadcasting.

Poulsen took the top prize in the online video category with his feature story “Ellegaard gottingen minipigs,” broadcast on www.If.dk. Judges praised Poulsen’s piece as being “a very interesting and unique story about an agriculture stream that many may not be aware of.” They also said it was technically strong in terms of quality and scripting.

Poulsen also received an honourable mention in the television category with the story “Building the new barn.” The story covered the challenges and successes of expanding an agricultural business and was broadcasted on Land TV.

Kerry Staight of ABC Landline in Australia won first place in the television category with her story “The future of food.” Judges called it “excellent all around and one of the best features we’d seen on television.”

Nancy Nicolson from Great Britain’s Farmers Weekly Interactive earned an honorable mention from the judges in the online video category for her entry “Sheep producers shun Scottish forest drive.”

In the radio category, Damien O’Reilly of Ireland won with the story “Foot and mouth disease,” broadcasted on ‘Countrywide’ on RTE Radio 1. Judges called O’Reilly’s entry “a good piece looking back on an issue that had an incredible impact on the area’s farmers. It was a nice descriptive script, with good use of natural sound and strong interviews from people who remember the outbreak. Overall, it was a well-balanced and touching story.”

Honorable mention was awarded to ABC Radio Rural Report and Country Hour journalist Kendall Jackson of Australia for her story “Stolen work boots.”

This year’s judges were Jose van Gelder of The Netherlands and Andrew Campbell of Canada. The broadcast competition was coordinated by IFAJ Secretary General Owen Roberts.

Click on the links for the winning articles:

First place 'Online Video' (Eric Poulsen, Denmark)

First place 'Television' (Kerry Staight, Australia) www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2010/s3253782.htm

First place 'Radio' (Damien O'Reilly, Ireland) www.rte.ie/radio/radioplayer/rteradiowebpage.html 

Honorable Mention 'Online Video' (Nancy Nicolson, Great Britain) sites.videostrip.com/farmersweeklynews/11861048/Sheep_producers_shun_Scottish_forest_drive/Default/

Honorable Mention 'Television' (Eric Poulson, Denmark) -Danish www.youtube.com/watch
English (pdf) : Building the new barn

Honorable Mention 'Radio' (Kendall Jackson, Australia) ruralmediasa.com/uploads/2012/04/Foxy_Boots_128kb.mp3