Contest Entries

The contest entries for the 2007 IFAJ photo contest can be viewed here...


Winners were announced and honoured at the 51st congress of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ), held in Japan last week (September 17 to 23).

Title of the photo/story: “GRAINS: NOTHING WILL BE THE SAME”
Publication: CHACRA Magazine IN MAY 2006

Gerardo Prego won the 2007 IFAJ Star Prize for Agricultural Photography, sponsored by DeLaval. His creative photograph, "Harvest time", is an aerial view of a harvester at work, watched by a crowd of people.

It was published under the headline "Grains: Nothing will be the same" in the CHACRA Magazine in May 2006.

The award was judged by German photographer, Janne Neuman, Satoru Mizuguchi from Japan and Jim Bret Campbell, editor of The American Quarter Horse Journal, USA.

The winning photo impressed the judges because of its composition, creative angles and overhead view. "I could hear murmur of farmers’ voices celebrating a good harvest," one judge commented.

Germany; Photo: Snow on apples
Title of the photo/story: Ländlicher Zauber in Schleswig-Holstein; The beauties of the winter in Schleswig-Holstein
Comments: The photo was shot in the moment of the first soft snow. The beauty only lasted for a short while because a light breeze blew it from the fruit.
Publication: Yearly Calendar for Schleswig-Holstein, Photo for December

Runner-up was German photographer H. Dietrich Habbe for another creative shot, "Snow on apples". It was taken in the moment of the first soft snow, which fell on apple trees still bearing fruit in the northern part of Germany.

The judges commented: "An excellent, art-like image with a definite foreground set against a blurred background. Colour exposure and composition are excellent". "Elves with soft snow hats. This kind of beauty in daily lives encourages farmers to continue farming."

An honourable mention was also awarded to Australian journalist and photographer, Fiona Lake. Her photo was published under the headline "Danny leads the mob in his chopper", in R.M. William’s Outback Magazine, in December 2006. The image tells the story of gathering cattle by helicopter.

Winners of both prizes receive a cash prize of 750 Euros, a certificate and an IFAJ pin. The runners-up receive 250 Euros, a certificate and an IFAJ pin. The photo prize winner also received a certificate from the sponsor, presented by DeLaval representative, Carina Kit.

The Star Prizes are organised annually by the IFAJ to honour excellence in print journalism and photography in the agricultural sector. National guilds affiliated with the IFAJ select finalists to represent member countries for both awards. Individuals may also enter the photography awards.

Further information is available by contacting photo prize coordinator Katharina Seuser (kseuser(at) or writing prize coordinator Marina Tell (marina(at)