IFAJ 2017 World Congress South Africa

Taking place between the 2nd and 8th of April 2017 in Gauteng- and the Western Cape. 
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IFAJ 2018 - The Netherlands

Theme: Dutch Roots

Main congress: 12- 15 July 2018

The main congress will start in the region Food Valley and further visits are planned to a diversity of hotspot in the Netherlands.



For more information: Esther Rozeboom – esther(at)catch-on.nl

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Sponsorship opportunities

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Free lance directory

Here is a list of free lance journalists available in several countries (in alphabetical order). The journalists are experts on agriculture. Their expertise is marked.
If you are a freelance IFAJ member and want to be listed, please contact the IFAJ executive secretary at secretary(at)ifaj.org


Liz Harfull
P.O. Box 171,
South Australia, 5152
Phone: 0061 (0)409 674 941
E-Mail: lizk(at)adam.com.au
Skills: Freelance journalist, editor, photographer and communications consultant
Speciality: General agriculture, dairy, cropping, horticulture, beef, viticulture,
environmental management

Jane Milburn
Box 100,
BC 4066 Queensland
Phone: 0061 (0)7 3371 4916
Mobile: 0061 (0)408 787 964
E-Mail: jane(at)milburnmedia.com
Website: www.milburnmedia.com
Skills: journalist and media consultant
Speciality: General agriculture, horticulture, sheep and wool

Fiona Lake
P.O. Box 3456,
Hermit Park,
Phone: 0061 (0)7 4728 4922
Fax:      0061 (0)7 4728 4923
E-Mail: fiona(at)fionalake.com.au
Website: www.fionalake.com.au
Skills: photographer
Speciality: outback Australia, beef industry


Adrián Marcelo Alonso
Region of Cuyo-Argentina
E-Mail: alonsomix(at)yahoo.com.ar, adrianalonso(at)speedy.com.ar        
Phone: 54 264  422  0875
Mobile: 54 9 5656 271

Belisario Saravia Olmos
Northern of Argentina
E-Mail: bsaravia(at)arnet.com.ar
Phone: 00 54  387 4246200         
Phone: 00 54  387 4362206        
Mobile: 00 54 387 9 4103211

Leonardo Stringaro

Rosario, Santa Fe-Argentina
E-Mail: string_agro(at)emprendimientosagropecuarios.com 
Phone: 00 54 341 4300 133                   
Mobile: 00 54 341 9 6163 163

Omar González
Patagonia Argentina
E-Mail: patagoniaprotegida(at)yahoo.com.ar
Phone: 00 54 2941 420907
Phone: 00 54 2941 430640
Mobile: 00 54 2941 9 653296

Carlos María  Curci González

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
E-Mail: carlos(at)campoyeconomia.com.ar
Phone: 00 54 11 4371 4750  
Mobile: 00 54 11 9  4409 7355

Juan Manuel Repetto
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Mobile:  00 54 11 9 6519 2509


Janet Kanters
Box 2147
Strathmore, Alberta,
Canada T1P 1K1
Phone: 403-901-4559
E-Mail: janetkanters(at)gmail.com
Specialty: Western Canadian agriculture, beef cattle, crop agronomy,
farmer profiles, food

Helen McMenamin
2716-3 Ave S
Lethbridge, Alberta
Canada T1J 0M5
Phone: 403-328-4939
E-Mail: E-write(at)telus.net
Specialty: Prairie systems, irrigation, environment, nutrition, related sciences

Anne Cote
Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 204-255-3212
Mobile: 204-771-5746
E-Mail: annecote(at)mts.net
Specialty: How government actions impact production practices and farm families

Karen Dallimore
8969 Sideroad 27, RR 1
Orton, Ontario
Canada L0N 1N0
Phone: 519-855-1127
E-Mail: karen.dallimore(at)gmail.com
Specialty: General agricultural production and interest stories, personal profiles, equine writing

John Muggeridge
187 Abbotsford Road
Kanata, Ontario
Canada K2L 1C6
Phone: 613-836-9986
E-Mail: muggeridgejohn(at)hotmail.com
Specialty: Agricultural production, issues, trade, technology, environment

Jim Romahn
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519-893-6111
E-Mail: jromahn(at)golden.net
Specialty: Ontario(Canada) agriculture, research, pork, poultry, politics

Lilian Schaer
Guelph, Ontario
E-Mail: lilianschaer(at)agrifoodprojects.ca
Website: www.agrifoodprojects.ca or www.foodandfarmingcanada.com
Specialty: livestock, crop production, horticulture, general issues and trends in agriculture, food and farming

Lyndsey Smith
Ottawa, Ontario
Phone: 613-680-7818
E-Mail: prairietaurus(at)gmail.com
Specialty: New research, equipment, farmer profiles

Rosalie I. Tennison
446 Morley Cook Cres.
Newmarket, Ontario
Canada L3X 2M3
Phone: 905-953-1441
Fax:     905-953-1221
E-Mail: R.Tennison(at)sympatico.ca
Specialty: Small grains, potatoes, oilseeds, crop inputs

Theresa Whalen
4401 Eighth Line Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1G 3N4
Phone/Fax: 613--822-0016
E-Mail: twr(at)rogers.com

Andy Walker
Box 503
Cornwall, P.E.I.
Canada C0A 1H0
Phone: 902-628-6933
Fax:     902-628-1431
E-Mail: awalker(at)pei.sympatico.ca
Specialty: Maritime agriculture

Angela Lovell
P.O. Box 146
Manitou, MB
Canada R0G 1G0
Email: jalovell(at)mts.net
Phone: 204 242 3222
Skills: Journalism and Editing skills
Specialties: Agricultural, environmental, rural issues and analysis 

Anne Howden Thompson
12722 Heritage Road
Caledon, ON
Canada L7C 1T3
E-mail: anne_thompson(at)rogers.com
Phone: 905 873 6811
Skills: Freelance journalist, photographer and communications consultant
Specialities: Ontario agriculture, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and near-urban agriculture, dairy, cropping and political impacts on agriculture

Allison Finnamore
100 Twin Oaks Dr.
Moncton NB
Canada E1G 0L8
E-mail: allison(at)finnamore.ca
Phone: 506 860 7761
Twitter: @A_Finnamore
Specialities: Eastern Canada agriculture, farmer profiles, journalism

Freelance Agriculture Photographers

Anne Cote
Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 204-255-3212
Mobile: 204-771-5746
E-Mail: annecote(at)mts.net

Pamela McFarlane
454 Craig St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3G 3C1
Phone: 204-774-8071
E-Mail: pjmcfarlane(at)shaw.ca



Anita Corpas
Corpas & co
Heagervej 6
6950 Ringkøbing
Mobile: +45 40300060
E-Mail: corpas(at)mail.dk
Website: www.corpas.dk
Skills: Freelance Journalist & Press Photographer. Deliver articles and photos for web, business profiles, press releases, staff magazines, newspapers, websites and others.
Speciality: Journalism in general. Agriculture. Hardcore news. Communications and media contact.


Susan Wilander
Bartolomeus Ltd.
Airuentie 3
FI-00620 Helsinki
Phone: +358 400 510 457
E-Mail: susan(at)wilander.fi / swilander(at)hotmail.com
Speaciality: agriturism, agricultural human interest stories

Visa Vilkuna
Hakamäki 1 A 137
02100 Espoo
E-Mail: visa(at)vippe.org
Phone: +358400812773
Speciality: organic farming, nature, machinery and personal interviews

Jussi Knuuttila
Agrilaari Oy
Sälpäkatu 8
60320 Seinäjoki
Speciality: Agricultural machinery, bioenergy and dairying

Jussi Knaapi
Pohjankyröntie 123
61500 Isokyrö
Phone: +358 400 696749
E-Mail: jussi.knaapi(at)netikka.fi
Areas of competence: Writing, photographing, videographing
Education: Agronomist, University of Helsinki, Ag.technology, Ag.economics Areas of special interest: Technology, bioenergy, enviromental questions, politics. Agriculture in Baltic countries.
I am a farmer/writer/video producer. Partnership in Estonian farming unit.
Examples of videos:

Juhani Rahkonen
Mobile: +358-500-318201
Fax/Phone: +358-9-57133360
E-Mail: rahkonen.juhani(at)kolumbus.fi
Specialities: bio energy, peat, arable farming, farming machinery, forest
Languages: Finnish, Englisch, understands German and Swedish


Rodney Magowan
Press and PR Agency
14, The New Road,
County Down
BT26 6ND
Northern Ireland, UK
Phone: 0044 (0)28 9263 8567
Mobile: 0044 (0)7802 351 281
E-Mail: rodney(at)rodneymagowan.co.uk
Expertise: agriculture, rural science, print, radio and TV journalism

Brian Black
Evergreen Media Ltd
Fiddlers' Green
135a Shore Road
County Down
Northern Ireland
BT30 7NP
Phone: 0044 (0)28 4488 1678
Mobile: 0044 (0)7967 108111
E-Mail: EvergreenBSB(at)aol.com
Expertise: video production, natural history and landscape

O'Gorman Photography
Fergal and Tony O'Gorman
Freelance photographers
Co. Cork,
Republic of Ireland
Phone: 00353 25 46882 or
             00353 25 32256
Mobile: 00353 87 2639143 or
             00353 87 2408069
E-mail: fergal(at)ogormanphotography.com 
Website: www.ogormanphotography.com

Columba O'Hare
Photography and Web design
10 Barrack Street
Co. Armagh
Phone: 0044 28 3026 7805
Mobile: 0044 77 5417 1130
E-mail: fotacol(at)newry.info
Website: www.newry.info

Cliff Donaldson
Photo journalist
Based Belfast, Northern Ireland
Phone: 0044 28 9267 1006
Mobile: 0044 77 5925 3331
E-mail: pictures.cd(at)gmail.com
Expertise: News, magazine, PR and web photography, specialising in agriculture, environmental issues, livestock, farm machinery, shows, etc. Can also supply press articles and reports.


Antonio Brunori
President of the Arga Umbria
Strada dei Loggi, 22
06135 Perugia
Phone/fax: 0039 075 5997296
Mobile: 0039 348 2814116
E-Mail: antonio.brunori(at)comunicambiente.net
Website: www.comunicambiente.net
Specialty: environmental topics, in particular forestry and bioenergy

Luciano Pomilio
Member of Arga Lazio
Via dei Cristofori, 79
00168 Roma
Phone: 0039 06 307 06 21
Mobile: 0039 347 93 85 731
E-Mail: area-turistica(at)libero.it

New Zealand

Jackie Bedford
Freelance writer and editor
Based in Wellington, New Zealand
E-Mail: jackie.bedford(at)xtra.co.nz
Interests: General NZ agriculture, agribusiness, deer farming and venison, farm management, sustainable farming, fruitgrowing, international marketing
Can take images to go with articles

Sue Miller
Freelance journalist, editor and event manager
Secretary, NZ Guild of Agricultural Journalists and Communicators
Based in Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: 64 4 233 1842
E-mail: kotuku.media(at)xtra.co.nz
Expertise: General NZ agriculture, particular skills in personal interviews/profiles
Can take images for reproduction in magazines, newspapers

Richard Rennie
Agribusiness communications consultant, specialising in agricultural writing
Based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty
Phone: 64 7 552 6176
Mobile: 64 274 754 256
E-mail: lcomms(at)xtra.co.nz
Expertise: Dairy sector, climate change research articles, local body issues, rural economic analysis
Photos to newspaper standard


Karl Kerner
Freelance writer/journalist/translator
Specialty areas: Environment, organic farming, genetic resources, food and tourism
Can write in: English, German & Norwegian
Translations: To & from the same 3 languages
E-Mail: karl(at)agroling.no 
Phone: +47 911 864 87

Even Bratberg
Freelance journalist, photographer
Specialty area: Horticulture, biodiversity, genetic resources
Language: English, norwegian
E-Mail: even.bratberg(at)umb.no 
Phone: +47 95134533

Erling Mysen
Freelance journalist, photographer
Speciality area: Farming, livestock, agriculture
Language: English, norwegian
E-Mail: er-mys(at)online.no 
Phone: +47 90577560

The Netherlands

Marc van der Sterren
De Brentjes 38
5984 NX Koningslust
Phone: 0031-77-3077777
Fax:     0031-877-848847
E-Mail:  info(at)marcvandersterren.nl

Twan Wiermans
Photojournalist and imagebank Agricultural Photography
Limburgerstraat 135
6267 CD Cadier en Keer
Phone: 0031(0)43-4072890
Mobile: 0031(0)6-51198513
E-mail:   photo.wiermans(at)planet.nl
Website: http://fotowiermans.fotofiler.net/
Expertise: photography of agriculture in The Netherlands and Belgium, imagebank with more than 10.000 agricultural images.



United Kingdom

Catherine Hughes
Agriculture Journalist
4 Bridge Street, Hay on Wye,
Herefordshire, HR3 5DE
Covers all aspects of agriculture and rural issues but specialist in dairying and dairy processing. Also does photography
Mobile: 07815 103 855
Phone: 01497 822952

Roger Abbott
High Road,
Suffolk, England IP6 9LP
Phone: 0044 1473 784 970
Mobile: 0044  7780661805
E-mail: roger.abbott(at)farmline.com
Specialities: Renewable energy, livestock (especially pigs), meat processing and food chain, editorial consultancy.

Sarah Todd
Greets Farmhouse,
Welburn, York,
North Yorkshire. United Kingdom. YO60 7EP
Phone: 01653 619453
E-mail: sarah.todd(at)greetsfarm.co.uk
Website: www.sarahtodd.net
Skills: Farmer’s daughter with 20 years journalism experience.
Expertise: All aspects of rural life and the countryside covered, from hard news and features through to a humorous column about life on her Yorkshire smallholding


Niclas Åkeson
E-Mail: niclas(at)tidningsfolket.se

Marina Tell
E-Mail: marina(at)grandalen.se

Berit Metlid
Freelance photographers
E-Mail: berit(at)norskeord.net)

Britt-Marie Jafner
Freelace journalist
E-mail: fam.jafner(at)tyfonmail.se


List of freelancers of AAEA

Janet Kanters             janetkanters(at)gmail.com
Lilian Schaer               lilianschaer(at)agrifoodprojects.ca
Joe Link                      pfeditor(at)aol.com
Jim Phillips                  jimp1127(at)aol.com
Steve Thompson        stevet(at)skytex.net
William Barksdale       billbarksdale(at)centurytel.net
Tracey Feist                groundwords(at)q.com
Debby Hartke             dhartke(at)q.com
Becky Mills                  lovettmills(at)windstream.net
Emory Jones               emory(at)emoryjonesllc.com
Karen Bernick             kbernick(at)netins.net
Tyler Bruch                 tyler_bruch(at)globalaginvestments.com
Gene Johnston           g.johnston59(at)gmail.com
Denny Eilers               iowaphotofarm(at)netins.net
Maureen Hanson        aggiewriter(at)netins.net
Cindy Snyder              csnyder(at)northrim.net
Barb Anderson            anderagcom(at)sbcglobal.net
Kenna Rathai              kenna.rathai(at)kbrcommunications.com
Cindy Baldwin             cindy(at)baldwincreativeservices.com
Christine McClintic       mcclinticfamily(at)sbcglobal.net
Peter Quinn                 pcquinn55(at)yahoo.com
Lora Berg                    lora.berg(at)frontiernet.net
Tom Dodge                  tdfilm1(at)yahoo.com
William Fleming           eaganfleming(at)gmail.com
Kurt Lawton                kurt(at)stellarcontent.biz
David Lundquist          david.lundquist(at)chsinc.com
Brent Olson                 bcolson(at)fedteldirect.net
Joan Olson                  olsoncom(at)qwest.net
Bruce Pankonin           bpagcomm(at)aol.com
Jodie Wehrspann        jodie.wehrspann(at)penton.com
Dean Houghton          dhoughton(at)starband.net
Patricia Orlowitz         orlowitzp(at)yahoo.com
Jim Patrico                  jim.patrico(at)progressivefarmer.com
Joann Pipkin               j_pipkin(at)sbcglobal.net
Tharran Gaines          GainesComm(at)yahoo.com
Debra Ferguson         debra(at)southern-images.com
Martha Ostend f         martha(at)corralcreekcomm.net
Des Keller                  deskeller(at)carolina.rr.com
David Brown              david(at)epicturegallery.com
Meg Gaige                 mgaige(at)hughes.net
Susan Davis              skdavis(at)ohiohills.com
Gail Keck                   gkeck(at)embarqmail.com
Candace Krebs         candacejk(at)aol.com
Steve Werblo            werblowz(at)mind.net
Nancy Hood
Kindra Gordo             office(at)gordonresources.com
Joe Dan B                  joedan(at)joedanboyd.com
Del Deterling             deterlingd(at)sbcglobal.net
Amanda Po               amanda_powell(at)mac.com
Karl Wolfshohl           k.wolf(at)suddenlink.net
Rick Mooney              rmooney234(at)hotmail.com
Mark Moore               moorecommunications(at)earthlink.net
Harlen P                    hlensphotos(at)wi.rr.com