IFAJ Star Prize in Agricultural Photography contest sponsored by Delaval.



IFAJ-DeLaval Star Prize for Photography


The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) invites individual members to enter a contest recognizing the best agricultural photography. The prize is called the 2015 IFAJ-DeLaval Star Prize for Agricultural Photography.


Any member in good standing of a national association or guild that is a member of IFAJ may enter one published photograph in each category. National agricultural journalist associations and guilds that are members of IFAJ may each enter up to three photos each (one photo per category). A national association may enter a photo taken by someone who is not a member of their association. However there is a fee for such entries (see below).

Entry fees

There is no entry fee for any member in good standing of a national guild that is affiliated with the IFAJ. There is a fee of 25 Euros for an entry submitted by a national guild if the photo was taken by someone who is not a member of their association or guild.


To be eligible for entry, a photograph must:

  • Be submitted by March 1, 2016. The submission process is now open.
  • Be on an agricultural subject
  • Fit in one of three categories:
  1. People
  2. Production - this includes photos of machinery or technical aspects of farming, plant and animal production, bioenergy etc.
  3. Nature/landscape
  • Have been published as editorial material in a printed publication or on the Internet between January 1 and December 31 of the past year.
  • May be either colour or black & white.
  • Photographers may enter only one photo in each of the three categories.

Entry deadline

March 1, 2016

Judging criteria

All photos will be judged on creativity, quality and impact. Photographs in this contest should enhance the editorial message of the associated story or technical copy.

The prizes

  • The winners of each of the three categories will be awarded a certificate and a cash prize of 500 Euros.
  • An overall winner will be chosen from the three category winners. The overall winner will receive a trophy and an additional cash prize of 250 Euros.
  • Three highly commended photos will be awarded at the judges discretion. They will receive 100 Euros each.
  • The awards will be presented during the 2015 IFAJ Congress in New Zealand, October 2015. Entrants need not be present to win.

Submission procedure

The entries can be submitted electronically through the IFAJ website. If you have questions, please contact photo contest co-ordinator Allison Finnamore at (allison(at)finnamore.ca). Please do not submit your entries by email to Allison as they will not be accepted.

Prior to beginning your submission, please save your images using the following style:
SURNAME_COUNTRY_PHOTO CONTEST CATEGORY. For example, Allison Finnamore's entry into the production category would be saved with the file name FINNAMORE_CANADA_PRODUCTION.

You are now ready to begin the online submission process.

  1. Log in  to the Members' Area of the IFAJ website at www.ifaj.org/members-area.html. Your username is your email address and click on "forgot your password" if you need a reminder of this. If you’re not registered in our IFAJ network, register first.
  2. Click "participate the photo contest".
  3. Click the green "New Record" button to begin the process of submitting your entry to the photography contest.
  4. Enter the title of the image, the publication name, the name of the story the image appeared with (if applicable) , the date of publication and the owner of the copyright. Sections marked with a star (*) must be complete in order for to make your entry.
  5. Read the "Terms and Conditions" of the IFAJ-DeLaval Star Prize for Photography, found here. Once you have read the "Terms and Conditions," check the box on the submission webpage.
  6. Click "save" to submit your entry.
  7. Your entry will now be visible. As long as your "file status" is displayed as "waiting for approval," you can be assured of the following: 1. your entry is in the system; 2. you will be able to make any necessary edits of the image and/or submission information.
  8. Within 48 hours of submitting your entry, you will receive an email notifying you that your entry has been approved. The email is not automated, but sent by an actual person. Once your entry has been approved, all submissions are final.

More information

Contact photo contest coordinator Allison Finnamore (allison(at)finnamore.ca)