22 Gambian agri-journalists trained in joint Gambian-Danish project

22 journalists from 12 community radio stations in the West African country the Gambia have graduated from a 18 months long training course in agri-reporting, organized by Network of Agricultural Communicators – the Gambia (NAC) together with Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists.

Before the course none of the participants had any journalistic education. Most of them are volunteering or working for a pretty small pay from the radio stations. During the course they were trained in elementary journalistic skills like researching, interviewing, angling and editing.

A few months ago the graduation ceremony marked the ending of the project, which was financed by the Danish government with 65.000 Euro from a fund for NGO projects.

Participants receive training in journalistic skills such as research, interviewing, angling and editing.

In an evaluation from the NAC board the project “has progressed as planned. Our argument is informed by the fact that we have not departed in any way from the initial objective of the project and that about 80-90 % of what was planned has been delivered. This doesn’t mean that we haven’t come across challenges”.

The biggest challenge was that a few of the managers of the radio stations were not as committed as expected to the project.

“This led to the lack of motivation of some of the participants thus affecting their participation”, NAC says. But NAC took care of the challenges and they were resolved.

Before the end of the project Frederik Thalbitzer from Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists produced this video during a tour to the Gambia: https://www.facebook.com/halmpressen/videos/1506244659460316/

Story by:

Per Henrik Hansen, Denmark.

22 Gambian agri-journalists celebrate their hard work at their graduation.