Ag journo with a touch of luxury

By Linda Grimstedt

The Swedish guild, FSLJ, consists of around 100 members, spread around the long stretched country. Opportunities to meet in person are few.

The last years FSLJs has got fundings from the Royal Academy of Forestry and Agriculture, KSLA, to educate reporters from daily newspapers in agricultural journalism. This year the guild was once again supported by the KSLA, but this time to boost its own members.

In the middle of November, 14 members joined at Wapnö estate in the southwest of Sweden. Wapnö is Sweden’s largest dairy farm with 1400 milking cows and a small scale food production. The farm has its own dairy, butchery, brewery, biogas plant, greenhouses, cereal and vegetable production, hotel, conference facilities, bee hives and even a few chickens for the breakfast eggs.

During the course, the group learned about the latest trends within social media from one of Sweden’s most well-known social media journalist and was inspired by a producer of Sweden’s leading TV-program on investigating journalism. There was also a visitor from Danish Maskinbladet, who talked about how he works as a mobile journalist.

Time was also spent on workshops and brainstorming about how to develop ag journalism.