Georgian guild planning master class on climate change & food safety

Georgian guild to hold a new media competition, “Gender role in Agriculture”

By Rusudan Gigashvili
Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists (AGAJ)

This year AGAJ is planning several study tours for regional media, as well as master classes on climate change, food safety and veterinary issues. These will be carried out with support from the state and donor organizations.

In the news, AGAJ member journalists have already begun paying their membership fees, and this is the first case in our country when a journalist pays for being a member of the particular union. Therefore, our duties are also growing, and we have defined the 2020 Action Strategy, which is a draft version so far and will be approved later in the spring.

As soon as the membership fees are paid, we will have a specific number of our members who will be ready to get more involved in the activities. There have also been elections for the board of directors and the chairperson, with the new board being comprised of myself as chairperson, and Demetre Ergemlidze, Tamar Bolkvadze, Nestan Mermanishvili, and Ramaz Samkharadze as directors.

We also discussed new action plans. This year, within the framework of one of the USAID projects, we will hold a media competition “Gender role in Agriculture,” as well as several study tours for our members, and we will actively work with the private sector.

In other news, we are working with Armenia and Azerbaijan to see if guilds can be started in these countries. It is pretty hard to work with Azerbaijan because of some freedom of speech issues, and at this stage they prefer not to have an official union. At the same time, Armenia is more motivated, and we are arranging a joint regional forum involving agribusiness which will be held in the late spring. We will discuss the new technologies in cattle breeding, and the forum will be held in Russian (common language) so to be understandable for all three countries of the region. There will be a statement during this forum that Armenia is thinking of establishing a guild which is in the process of preparation.

AGAJ is also launching an active partnership with USAID to broadcast field/demonstration days and training and AGAJ is a partner with Land O’Lakes for broadcasting livestock projects.