IFAJ to Develop its own Code of Conduct

No one should ever feel worried or bullied at an IFAJ event. To prevent this and always encourage a feeling of well being, IFAJ is developing its own code of conduct.


In the shadow of the #metoo campaign, IFAJ has its own concerns. Some women have stepped forward to report harassment by male participants. After some investigation it has become clear that this was not an isolated incident at congresses or other events.


Regardless of sex, religion or culture IFAJ members and participants should treat each other with respect and as equals. Harassment or humiliation should not be tolerated. A committee consisting of Jane Craigie-UK member, Lena Johansson- IFAJ Vice President, and Johnnie Belinda Cluff-Global Coordinator received the mandate from the executive meeting in Ceske Budejovice to put together a proposal for a code of conduct relevant for all IFAJ endorsed events. The proposal will be presented at the general assembly in the Netherlands in July next year.