Communicating the Benefits of being an IFAJ Member

With 50 member guilds and almost 5 000 individual members it is a challenge to reach out to everybody. And all the advantages aren’t obvious for every member guilds and individualmembers.

Therefore the Communication committee has made a plan to improve the communication and marketing of all the benefits of IFAJ. The plan was approved by the Executive committee recently and identifies activities and different communication channels at our disposal.

As an example, we will be creating promotional videos with testimonials from individuals about the advantages of being a member.

The website will continue to see improvements and a set of communication tools will be provided. The latter will include powerpoint presentations, leaflets, etc. and can be used by Executives and others to promote IFAJ to members, sponsors, and other interests.

The Executives are a very important link and are responsible for disseminating information to the members of their guilds, for example: distributing the newsletter.

As a beginning, the IFAJ Newsletters are now also translated into Spanish, French and German. But stay tuned, there are more to come.

Lena Johansson