IFAJ Star Prize for Digital Media

The Star Prize for Broadcast-Digital Media recognizes outstanding online, cross-platform communications journalism utilizing at least three of the following: text, images, audio, video.

The combination of these multimedia platforms into successful story-telling captures the true spirit on an online journalist. Judges will look for pieces that use a range of contemporary tools to convey a story.

Agricultural journalism guilds from member countries in good standing in the IFAJ are welcome to submit one entry from members of their guilds.
• Entries must be submitted by guilds, not by individual members.
• It is up to each member country to determine how it selects its entry.

Deadline is February 23, 2019
There is no entry fee.

To be eligible, the entry must:
• Be a story of broad agricultural interest.
• The story may be the work of more than one journalist.
• Have been broadcast/uploaded via the internet between January 1 and December 31, 2018.
• Be broadcast in English, or, in the case of other languages, be submitted with a short written summary in English. Translation is available through IFAJ (see below).
• Be a single story. Providing multiple pieces that make up a series is not permitted. In such a situation, select one story from the series to enter.

The winner of the Star Prize for Broadcast (Digital Media) will be presented a trophy and a cash prize of €500. The runner-up will receive a certificate and a cash prize of €250. The awards will be presented during the IFAJ Congress. Entrants need not be present to win—efforts will be made to establish an online presence by the winners.

A guild representative who is authorized to submit on behalf of the guild may fill out the current application form online, found on the IFAJ website. Submissions made with any outdated forms will not be accepted.
The following must also be included for the entry before the deadline;
● Entries must be uploaded to a website by the national guild and the web link must be provided to IFAJ with the contest application.
● For entries not originally broadcast in English, please provide a short written summary in English. If translation into English is not available, contact the IFAJ Global Office as soon as possible: IFAJ will arrange and pay for translation for the summary and up to 4 minutes of a guild’s broadcast entry. That will be the portion judged for the contest.

Entry deadline: February 23, 2019

Content and style, including originality and creativity, relevance and audience appeal.

•    Technical merit, focusing on the work of the journalist, including the structure of the story, the use of a variety of media and the relevance of supporting images.

•    Objectivity and balance, i.e. reflects effort to research and present an informed and balanced report.

•    Entrants should clearly exhibit their capacity to work across multimedia platforms by presenting an entry that demonstrates the use of at least three, but not limited to, the following: text, images, audio, video.

Melanie Groves of Australia Wins IFAJ Star Prize for Digital Reporting

Australian journalist Melanie Groves of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation was recognized by the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) with the Star Prize for Digital Media

Australian Site Wins IFAJ Star Prize for Digital Media


First Place
Ella McSweeney, Ireland

Ear to the Ground

Highly Commended
Kerry Staight, Australia

“Bitter Harvest”


First Prize
Cassie Hough, Australia

‘Droving south to greener pastures’

Highly Commended
Elise Brown, USA

‘Strength in numbers: Mixing a cover crop cocktail’

If you have any questions please contact the contest administrator using the form below.