Czech Republic to Host the next Executive Meeting in October

By Steve Werblow, Secretary-General

As IFAJ’s autumn Executive meeting in the Czech Republic approaches, this is a great time to reflect on the importance of having representatives from all our member countries at our meetings.

Executive meetings are more than just a great opportunity to network, build leadership skills, and maybe enjoy a farm or facility tour. Executive meetings are IFAJ’s engine, the working sessions that keep the organization moving forward and generate new ideas for helping our members all over the world.

It is vital that every member country is represented at each Executive meeting and in every online GoToMeeting Executive conference call. Here’s why:

  • Your opinions and ideas are needed! Executive meetings are where committees meet to generate new ideas, issues are discussed and debated, and IFAJ policy is set.
  • We need a quorum! Without enough participants (or their proxies), we can’t officially act upon the discussions and recommendations that arise at the meeting. That means no new programs, no way to react to the needs of your members, and no forward motion for the organization.
  • Your guild will benefit! Executive meetings create great opportunities to build networks, connect guilds, and engage in leadership development. Your Executive representative can bring home real value from every meeting.

Please send a representative to every Executive meeting—and if you can’t, please contact Hugh or Johnnie Belinda in the Global Office to designate a delegate from another guild to vote as your proxy.

Your commitment, and the work of your representative to the Executive, will make IFAJ more useful to your guild’s members and guide our Federation into an exciting future!


Executive meeting in the Czech Republic: October 18-21, 2017

IFAJ Congress in the Netherlands: July 10-15, 2018

Executive Tele-meeting schedule (TBC): January 31, 2018

April 25, 2018

IFAJ Executive meeting in Germany, 2016.