Dutch Roots: inspiring and connecting

In July this year, the Netherlands hosted the IFAJ2018 World Congress entitled Dutch Roots, small country, big solutions. Even though the congress ended months ago, it remains in the hearts and minds of many. The participants returned home with a lot of inspiration in a journalistic and personal perspective. This resulted in many international publications that have subsequently been placed in media from various countries, for example, in languages ranging from Dutch, English, German, French, to Romanian, Finnish, Danish, Ukrainian and Italian. New stories are trickling in as we speak. The Dutch Roots organization continues to publish the different productions on its website www.dutchroots.info.

The Netherlands is a small country with often big challenges which may lead to inventive solutions. This is what all farmers, entrepreneurs, scientists, municipalities, provinces and other government bodies shared during the Dutch Roots congress. But it also contributed to making new connections and strengthening existing relationships, bonds all over the world. The Dutch organization hopes these connections will be long lasting and will strengthen the worldwide network formed by the agricultural journalists and communicators within IFAJ and beyond.

Opening ceremony welcoming delegates to the IFAJ congress in the Netherlands.