Exciting, Important New Initiatives in Store as IFAJ Grows

Professional development is a basic tenet of IFAJ. Members have said repeatedly it’s one of the federation’s main attractions, particularly the many contests dedicated to the best agricultural writing, photography and broadcasting in the world.

Now, IFAJ has a new goal: to professionalize itself.

Over the past few years, the federation has grown more than it ever has in its 62-year history.

This growth requires additional support to meet the needs of current members, and outreach to others. So over the next several weeks, you will hear about new initiatives dedicated to raising funds to support IFAJ’s growth and activities. This includes measures that will allow us to conform to the era of transparency and responsibility we live in.

Your executive members will be telling you about plans to establish IFAJ as an official, legal entity. Our programs require support from sponsors, and sponsors require the federation to be financially accountable according to modern standards. Banks increasingly require groups like ours to be legally defined. It’s a requirement, not an option.

So, that’s what we’ll do.

And once we are a legal entity, we can pursue further plans to establish a foundation that will provide the federation with even more program funding. Our goal is to raise 10 per cent more funding per year, through to 2030. IFAJ treasurer Adrian Bell, who’s been central to this effort, calls the initiative “Ten2030.”  

We will vote on accepting these plans at the 2018 congress in The Netherlands. By that time, we want every member to know exactly what is planned, and why.                  

Shortly, we’ll be publishing a detailed question-and-answer document on www.ifaj.org, addressing the way forward and answering questions about the foundation and fundraising plans.

Please send me additional questions and join this discussion. Thank you for being part of the exciting future for IFAJ.