Former IFAJ President Receives Lifetime Award for Publishing

IFAJ congratulates former president David Markey of Ireland (2004-2008), who has received a lifetime achievement award from the Irish Magazine Awards.

David, publisher and founder of IFP Media, first embarked on his magazine business adventure in 1975 with its flagship Irish Farmers Monthly title. IFP Media is now one of Ireland’s top B2B publishing houses.

The website reported that David said he had no business model when he started out. But he did realize that people made businesses successful, and from the start, he surrounded himself with talented people. says key to IFP’s success over the past four decades has been its determination to expand the concept of agricultural publishing. For example, in 1988, IFP set up an overseas business partnership with the Irish Food title across 10 markets, including China and the Middle East.

“Our success has not come overnight,” David said when he received the award last month. “But is the result of careful planning and incrementally building our network and services.”

Paul Queck, another former president, notes in the history of IFAJ that when David was elected, he set as his first goal to have the Presidium and executive committee members make IFAJ a more dynamic organization.

In accepting the presidency, he said, “In a focused way, I believe we can lift the IFAJ to a new level of activity and relevance to the membership. The IFAJ needs to continue to change to keep up to date with the needs of our members. I intend to make it a more pro-active, dynamic organization by involving all member countries in the future of the organization.”

The sound business principles David applied to IFAJ management during his tenure as president remain today, and are largely credited with putting the federation on solid financial and administrative ground.

Former IFAJ president David Markey and family are pictured here at the Irish Magazine Awards, where David won a lifetime achievement award (Photo: