Four New Guilds for IFAJ

By Lena Johansson

IFAJ Vice-president

The Delegate Assembly also discussed the ongoing work with the IFAJ Foundation. A final proposal will be ready at the end of August and will be presented to the Executive Committee during a meeting later in the autumn.


The Delegate Assembly also got an update about the work with the Vision 2025 strategic plan. A committee, chaired by Jane Craigie from the British guild, has been working with IFAJ’s new vision since this spring. So far 28 member guilds have answered a survey to solicit their input which was sent out by the committee. It shows that although the guilds’ sizes and work differ, they have the same challenges. The work with the vision will continue in the committee and a proposal will be presented later this year.


The new Code of Conduct, approved by the Executive Committee earlier this year, was also presented to the General Assembly in Minneapolis. It has been adopted into the IFAJ Rules and is now published on the website. (Link to the Code of Conduct.) Three liaison officers were appointed, and they will now take training in related areas. The liaison officers are Jane Craigie, United Kingdom, Morten Günther, Norway, and Lena Johansson, Sweden.


Since this year was not an election year the IFAJ Presidium remains as before. It consists of President Owen Roberts, Canada, Vice President Lena Johansson, Sweden, General Secretary Steve Werblow, USA and Treasurer Adrian Bell, United Kingdom.


The Presidium would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude and admiration to our American hosts who arranged a very interesting, inspiring and well-organized congress. Next year’s congress will take place in Denmark from the 24th to 29th of June 2020, and the following congresses will be held in Australia 2021 and Switzerland 2022.

IFAJ president Owen Roberts with representatives from the new Mexican guild, Alberto Ruiz Fernández and Andres Canales Leańo