IFAJ Newsletter – December 2017

In this issue, you will find articles on Slovakia’s Jana Janku, the IFAJ election process, update on the Dutch congress, presentation of the New Zealand Guild, IFAJ Foundation and IFAJ congress flag tradition.
Caterpillar Sponsorship to Boost Agricultural Journalists’ Network

New partnership with Caterpillar will see sponsorship of two new initiatives: the IFAJ Caterpillar AgTech Reporting Award, and the Caterpillar Development Bursary.

Executive Meeting in the Czech Republic

In October IFAJ held its semi-annual executive meeting in the Czech Republic. In addition to the meetings the executives got the opportunity to do some interesting visits of farms, the university of life science and a research centre.

IFAJ Star Prize Contest Timelines

Enter Your Best Work in IFAJ’s Star Prize Contests!

IFAJ to Develop its own Code of Conduct

No one should ever feel worried or bullied at an IFAJ event. To prevent this and always encourage a feeling of well being, IFAJ is developing its own code of conduct.

6-A Founders
IFAJ Congratulates New Georgian Guild

Two alumnae of the 2017 IFAJ/DuPont Pioneer Master Class helped establish the Association of Georgian Agricultural Journalists last month. The new guild was introduced to about 30 agricultural journalists from across Georgia on 27 October during a professional development workshop in Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi.

8-A Gambia Denmark Training
22 Gambian agri-journalists trained in joint Gambian-Danish project

22 journalists from 12 community radio stations in the West African country the Gambia have graduated from a 18 months long training course in agri-reporting, organized by Network of Agricultural Communicators – the Gambia (NAC) together with Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists.