Tips for Success from IFAJ Member Guilds (USA)

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston S. Churchill

What is your definition of success? How do you achieve it within your guild?

Tips from:

American Agricultural Editor’s Association (AAEA)

Samantha Kilgore

Increasing Member Engagement and Connections Across Miles

National organizations have the unique challenge of bridging the geographical gap between members to help create lasting connections.  Here are three quick tips on creating member engagement across miles. 


  1. Encourage informal gatherings:  Take advantage of local events, conferences or meetings to encourage your members to gather for informal social gatherings. All it takes is a simple email to let people know that you’ll be meeting at a restaurant for cocktails after the last session for the day, and the opportunity is created for member networking in a low- pressure environment.
  1. Create connections based on profession: Lately, the AAEA Ag Communicators Network has had great success in creating spaces for members with common professional interests to gather- called Special Interest Groups.  These groups are based on members day to day job focus, so it creates a natural space for bouncing ideas off of one another.  How to share those ideas and educational needs? See point 3!  
  1. Try different mediums for connections:  Do your members love Facebook? Webinars? Podcasts or conference calls? As you look to provide education for your members, ask first how best they’d like to receive it.  Some groups will connect more easily over social media, while others will crave a more traditional outlet.
#AgEditors / LPC regional workshop in Iowa Photo credit: Elaine Shein