Election year for IFAJ

The IFAJ leadership for the next two years will be decided this coming July at the Delegate Assembly during the Dutch Roots congress.

Every two years, IFAJ holds elections for the Presidium, effectively the executive officers of the federation, at the Delegate Assembly during the annual congress. 2018 will be an election year for all four positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary General and Treasurer.

Nominations are made by member guilds and sent into the Global Office which supervises the election process. The deadlines for the elections will be as follows:

  • March 11 – Notice of elections
  • April 11 – Opening of the nomination period
  • May 11 – Closing of nominations
  • July 11 – Delegate Assembly and election day!

Each member guild has the right to make nominations for each position on the presidium, as does the Executive Committee as a whole. Evidently, any nominated candidate must agree to the nomination before being submitted. Nomination forms, which will be distributed by the Global Office prior to the nomination period, provide space for the name, professional status and present employment, age, and activities in the national association and IFAJ of the person being nominated, and may include other activities and responsibilities likely to be of relevant value.

Voting for the positions on the Presidium will be based on the number of votes allocated to each member guild, which is established as follows:

  • Guilds with up to 100 individual members two votes
  • Guilds with between 101 and 200 individual members three votes
  • Guilds with 201 or more individual members four votes

Guilds which do not have delegates present at the Delegate Assembly may also vote in the elections by proxy. Full details of the election process and procedures will be sent to Executive Committee members along with the notice of elections on March 11, 2018.