Starting in 2012, the Exposure-4-Development (E4D) initiative seeks to provide IFAJ members with the opportunity to have a first-hand look at farm issues in the developing world.

Journalists who are offered one of the 10-15 places available each year will gain a deeper insight into global agricultural issues and a greater capacity to report on these topics to their audiences back home.

In addition to the stories filed from the field and upon return, participating journalists also commit to sharing their experiences with their national guilds, and with IFAJ through the organization’s newsletter, website and Congress.

It’s an honour to be named to this elite group of IFAJ members from around the world, embarking on such a unique and significant initiative

Owen Roberts, IFAJ President

“I believe the stories, photos and videos generated by the participants will help promote a deeper understanding of global food production and farming issues in the developing world.”

cattle_visit_zambia“Joining an E4D tour gives you a really unique opportunity to explore and learn about a nation, its people, food production and agricultural challenges and opportunities. At the same time you get to know agricultural journalists from other countries – this year Austria, Australia, USA, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Finland, UK and Sweden were represented. You get new knowledge, new friends and you get a lot of new stories to write when you get back home. In many ways, it is a life changing experience.”

– Liza Karlsson, Sweden