Join the IFAJ Exposure-4-Development (E4D) tour 2019 to Brazil!

IFAJ’s Exposure-4-Development (E4D) tour has been a great success through the years. Previous tours have been organized to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and China. Now, 14 IFAJ journalists are invited to join a 2019 tour to Brazil. During the 7-day tour you will explore a country on the move, a country that is developing quickly.

The tour will start in Sao Paolo on 31 March 2019 and end there on 7 April. We will travel into the Parana State to visit different kinds of farms, processors and companies in the agricultural infrastructure to provide a broad view of what agriculture in this State of Brazil is like. We’re still working on the program, but we can assure you that it will be a thrilling, exciting and interesting tour!

The tour committee has been working to find enough sponsors, but it has been more difficult than previous years. Because of this, the cost for the tour is 1000 Euros, plus return travel expenses to Sao Paulo. Once in Brazil, all excursions, hotels, meals and transport costs will be covered. We will continue to search for sponsors, so the fee might be lowered before departure.


To be able to join the tour, you need to apply for a journalist Visa to Brazil. You also need to have an insurance for professionals that covers medical care and transport in case of need.

Journalists who take part in the tour will be asked to share their experiences in oral, written or other media, with their own agricultural journalist guild and the IFAJ through newsletters or web articles. This is a separate commitment from your professional role in writing/broadcasting stories for your audience.

Selection of the journalists

There is room for 14 journalists on the media tour. IFAJ member guilds can nominate two members to the judging panel. Individuals who are members in good standing of an IFAJ member guild are also free to send an application directly to IFAJ.

Preference will be given to those who have not participated in the previous E4D tours, but those who have are welcome to apply as well. Journalists who wish to apply for a seat on the tour can either send their application to their guild or send it to IFAJ.

Each guild selects two applicants to put forward, a winner and a reserve. If fewer than 14 guilds have eligible applicants, the E4D committee will invite some of the direct applicants, or reserves from the 14 countries. If any of the applicants have to cancel their participation on short notice, the committee will try to fill the empty place with another applicant on the list. Do

Do you want to join us on the tour to Brazil?

If you are ready for an unforgettable experience, for a first-hand look at food production, processing and transportation in one of the world’s fastest-developing agricultural systems, then fill in the application form today and send it to your national guild or to Steve Werblow, IFAJ secretary- general (steve@stevewerblow. com), no later than January 15.

The Exposure-4-Development Media Tour will provide deeper insight into agricultural production, processing, marketing and export in Brazil’s Parana State, and a greater capacity to report on these topics to audiences back home. In addition to the stories filed from the field and/or upon return, participating journalists will commit to sharing their experiences with their national guilds, with IFAJ through the organization’s newsletter, website and/or.

If your application is accepted, it is your responsibility to contact your consulate or embassy to apply for a journalist visa to Brazil. You will also be required to sign a risk acceptance form and to show proof that you have an insurance for professionals covering medical care and travelling if needed.

1. Applicants must be working journalists and IFAJ members in good standing.

2. Guilds may nominate one applicant; each guild can also nominate a reserve.

3. Should we have fewer guild nominees than seats, the judging panel will consider reserve nominees and/or direct applicants.

4. Applicants must present a well-developed publication or broadcast plan.

5. Participating journalists will be asked to share their published/broadcast results from the tour, and may be asked to contribute an article to the IFAJ newsletter about their experiences.

1. Complete the online application form.

2. Provide a letter of approval of your attendance from your employer or supervisor.

3. Provide three (3) samples of news or news feature stories published or broadcast within the last 12 months, with date of publication or broadcast noted. Broadcasts can be submitted by WAV file or posted on YouTube.

4. Applicants nominated by their guilds will be judged first, so it’s best to send your application, letter(s) of approval and work samples to your guild’s leaders. However, you may apply directly to IFAJ for consideration in the second round of judging. Use the online application form and select “Individual application” when applicable.

NOTE TO FREELANCERS: In the “Letters of Support” section, please provide a letter of reference from the editor or producer of agricultural media to which you plan to sell Exposure-4-Development coverage. 

We recognize that while there may be intentions to cover a specific story angle prior to any assignment, the story can change once journalists begin asking questions on-site. However, the panel wants to know your publication or broadcast plan, such as the types of stories you anticipate writing from the Exposure-4-Development Media Tour. If you are a freelancer, the panel wants to know where you plan to publish or broadcast stories from the tour.

For more information on IFAJ’s Exposure-4-Development Tour, click here. Please contact Steve Werblow, IFAJ secretary-general, with questions.