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Contests and Awards

IFAJ Contests Recognize the World’s Best Ag Journalism

Reflecting the many ways agricultural journalists and communicators reach their audiences around the globe, IFAJ’s contests celebrate excellence in print, photography, audio, video and online media.

In 2024, we are instituting a new Star Prize program. This year, individuals who are members of IFAJ member guilds in good standing may enter the Star Prize directly. There is no longer a limit of one entry per guild in each category.

This year, all forms of journalism will be entered together and judged by how well they deliver the story in particular themes:


Reporting whose theme revolves around the application of new technologies or tactics in the agri-food sector: breakthroughs in the tools that farmers for food producers use, creative applications of existing technologies, or new approaches to familiar processes. Creative use of tools sets Innovation apart from the Technology section.


The works presented must have as their theme sustainability within the agri-food sector, from an economic, social and/or environmental point of view.


Reporting that highlights the importance of technology linked to the agri-food sector; both in production, industrialization, trade and marketing. The key here is employing tools to make farming or food production more efficient, sustainable or productive.

Trade, economics or global issues

If your work relates economic, financial or business aspects linked to the production or sale of agri-food in the world, this is your category.

Rural Culture

This category is intended for the presentation of works that show the culture and/or
customs of each region when producing or consuming food and agricultural products.


In addition, awards for each category of journalism will be awarded:

  • Best Photo
  • Best Print Article
  • Best Video Broadcast
  • Best Audio Broadcast
  • Best Digital Media Production


Finally, one entrant will be named IFAJ Star Prize Journalist of the Year.

IFAJ’s award program is part of the Federation’s deep commitment to professional development. Participating and reviewing the entries provides all our members opportunities to learn from colleagues around the world and appreciate exposure to some of the industry’s best work.


We are grateful to our sponsors, and to our participants. For details on this year’s contest rules and links to previous years’ winning entries, click the links below.