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Code of Conduct

IFAJ Code of Conduct

The IFAJ Code of Conduct sets out the standards of personal and professional behaviour expected from those who take part in IFAJ events and related online communication, and the sanctions that may be applied if those standards are not respected. Our overall aim is to ensure a collegial, respectful and harassment‐free experience for everyone and professional and culturally aware behaviour at all times.

Download the IFAJ Code of Conduct here:


Alleged breaches of this Code of Conduct may be reported in person to the on‐site organizing team at an IFAJ event or an IFAJ‐endorsed event.

Alternatively, they may be reported to the named IFAJ Code of Conduct liaison officers identified below via e‐mail:

    Or the complaint may be made through the anonymous submission form below.

    If an anonymous complaint is made, the IFAJ Code of Conduct liaison officers will respond as soon as possible to the complainant and ensure their safety before consulting with them about how they wish the complaint to be dealt with. If the complainant requests continued anonymity, the Code of Conduct liaison officers will explain the impact of that request on any investigation into the complaint. Subject to Clause 6 of the Code of Conduct, complaints will remain confidential.

    IFAJ Code of Conduct Liaison Officers

    Lena Johansson

    Jane Craigie

    Morten Günther

    IFAJ president

    Great Britain