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Our Mission

Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

IFAJ, as an umbrella organization of guilds and associations of agricultural journalists and communicators, is committed to expanding and enhancing its activities as an open platform for agricultural journalists and communicators to support free, fair and independent agricultural journalism worldwide through networking and professional development. To these ends, IFAJ has established priorities based on the following three pillars:

  1. Supporting the basic organization of member guilds/associations;
  2. Development of an Internet network;
  3. Involving guilds and associations which embrace, but do not necessarily enjoy, freedom of the press in their countries.


In 2013, IFAJ adopted a 10-point action plan to guide the implementation of activities in line with the new priorities. These were revised in 2016 as a result of the accomplishments since implementation of the Strategic Plan, in particular due to the significant constitutional changes that were adopted as a result of the planning process.

  • Individual presidium members will be assigned to ex-officio roles on the Executive Committees.
  • The current Executive Committee structure of delegates representing every affiliated country & serving in a leadership role will be maintained.
  • A part-time Global Office will take on some of the work previously undertaken by members of the Presidium, implement new activities which the organization did not have the resources to carry out before, support the Presidium and committee chairs, and work with sponsors and country association secretaries.
  • The Membership, Outreach and Benefits Committee will address membership recruitment and freedom-of-press strategies, as well manage and deliver ongoing benefits to individual members.
  • The website will be modernized to better meet the needs of a global membership.
  • The Finance Committee will be chaired by the IFAJ Treasurer, supported by a three-person subcommittee, to focus on sponsorship and revenue raising.
  • IFAJ will explore the pros and cons of holding press tours, particularly to countries that are not yet affiliated with IFAJ, and mini professional development workshops.
  • New promotional materials will be developed to promote IFAJ
  • An on-going database of members will be developed to better communicate directly with members and make membership fee billing more efficient.