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Inspired by the achievements of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists over six decades, the Global Foundation for Agricultural Journalism was founded in 2023.

A registered charity (England and Wales, no.1205235) GFAJ is dedicated to building capacity throughout the global agricultural journalism and communications industry to help grow and improve the dissemination of information to farmers, traders, policy makers and other stakeholders worldwide.

IFAJ has always been focused on its member guilds, the national associations of agricultural journalists. Supporting the development, growth and operation of these guilds is how GFAJ helps extend learning and networking opportunities to thousands of journalists and communicators around the world.

A prime objective of GFAJ is to create funds that can deliver professional development to agricultural journalism guilds and their members on subjects such as reporting techniques, agricultural and media technology, markets and economics, and more.

GFAJ will create new opportunities for agricultural journalists and communicators to collaborate with colleagues, companies, NGOs and government entities to help strengthen the skills and networks that keep crucial information flowing to and from the agriculture sector.