Flying the flag of tradition

At every annual congress, IFAJ has the tradition of putting up the flags of each member country, either at the Delegate Assembly or during the closing banquet (or both!). It is an impressive sight to see all 40+ flags hung around the room and is an inspiration for the internationalism that IFAJ stands for.

The traditional flying of the flags at the 2012 IFAJ Congress in Stockholm Sweden.

When did this tradition start? It is a good question because time seems to have faded memories and we haven’t been able to find out when and why the tradition started. Do you know when the tradition started? Contact Hugh Maynard at

The new IFAJ flag held by Hans Müller and Markus Rediger at the 2008 IFAJ joint Congress hosted by Austria and Slovenia.

The origin of the tradition of the flags began to percolate while Global Manager Hugh Maynard and his two grandsons, Keith and Alex, spent a Sunday afternoon recently sorting out all 43 of the IFAJ flags to make sure they were all present for the upcoming annual congress in July. They are shown in the picture holding up the Netherlands flag which will be prominent as the Dutch guild hosts the 2018 congress in Wageningen from July 11-15, 2018.

Global Manager Hugh Maynard and his two grandsons, Keith and Alex, sorting the IFAJ flags in preparation for the 2018 IFAJ Congress in the Netherlands.
IFAJ flags on display in the meeting room of the 2015 congress in New Zealand.