Interview with IFAJ-Alltech past Young Leader Maria Törner

Maria Törner from Sweden, was one of the 2017 IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in South Africa.

The award has meant a lot to me, both professionally and personally” she says.

Maria Törner is an agronomist in animal husbandry and has been working in the agribusiness for some time. She was quite new as an agriculture journalist, however, when she received the award.

Meeting colleagues from all over the world have taught me a lot. The days together with the participants from the Master Class gave me a broader perspective. I regularly have contact with the colleagues I met in South Africa and exchange ideas.”

Maria Törner receives her IFAJ-Alltech award in South Africa from IFAJ President Owen Roberts and Alltech European Communications Manager Tracey Flinter.

Maria recently attended Alltech’s One18 conference in Lexington, USA, and reunited with some of her friends from last year’s boot camp. Together with Melanie Jenkins from the UK she did a work trip for a few days after the conference.

I feel much more secure in my profession as an agriculture journalist since I participated in the Boot camp.”

Through IFAJ and the European Network of Agriculture Journalists (ENAJ), Maria has taken a few study trips during the last year.

It feels important to have an international network, since agriculture today is a worldwide business” she says.

Maria Törner