New Members on the IFAJ Executive

In recent months, the IFAJ executive committee has seven guilds that have put forward new executive representatives.

Finland is now represented by a familiar face, Michael “Micke” Godtfredsen, who has returned for a second tour of duty after being on the executive committee between 2013 and 2016. He is Vice-president of the Finnish guild and chairs the IFAJ Committee for freedom of the press. Micke is working for Landsbygdens Folk, a weekly magazine for the Swedish speaking farmers in Finland.

Michael Godtfredsen

Canada’s new member is Trevor Bacque. He is a freelance writer and journalism instructor in Calgary. He has primarily written about agriculture since 2012 and was elected as president of the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation in April. He is also a former IFAJ-Alltech Young Leader (New Zealand in 2015) and participated in the 2016 congress in Germany as the recipient of the Bayer IFAJ Congress Bursary for Canadian agricultural journalists. New to the IFAJ executive committee, he hopes to positively contribute to the organization’s vision and learn more about how it helps journalists around the world to achieve their goals.

Trevor Bacque, membre exécutif du Canada

Dr. Arie Regev is President of the Israel Association of Agricultural Journalists and their new executive member. He is now retired but has been working for 43 years as a professional and official in service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. During that time, he has also produced lots of articles for agricultural journals. Israel is a recent member to IFAJ and Arie hopes to intensify the contacts with the organization and exchange information with other guilds through IFAJ’s channels.

Dr. Arie Regev, membre exécutif de l’Israël

The Japan Agricultural Journalist Association (JAJA) elected a new president on June 10th. Yukitomo Wataru is a Senior Research Fellow and advisor at the Norinchukin Research Institute and specialized in the reconstruction in disaster-hit areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. He joined the Japanese daily newspaper Mainichi Shimbun in March 1985 and came to the research institute in 2012.

He says he is excited to be working within IFAJ’s executive committee.

Yukitomo Wataru, membre exécutif du Japon

South Africa’s new executive member is Magda du Toit, who also was responsible for the IFAJ Congress in South Africa in 2017. She works as communication and engagement manager at Bayer in Johannesburg.

Recently Hungary and Norway also have changed executive members. Hungary is now represented by Áron Borda, secretary of the Hungarian guild. Norway’s new executive is Morten Günther, who works as a communications advisor at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, and has attend several IFAJ Congresses before.