Newsletter Returns to Enhance Communications Among Members

By Owen Roberts

President, IFAJ

Communicating with members in every way possible is essential for IFAJ as we continue to grow, and as agriculture and the world itself rapidly changes. With that big picture in mind, I would like to welcome you all back to “IFAJ News”.

The newsletter is being rekindled, to help effectively and succinctly report on the expanding breadth of activity across the Federation. The newsletter, which had been a part of the federation for decades, was suspended some 18 months ago to focus efforts on the information delivery capacity of the IFAJ website.

However, following recent changes in the IFAJ constitution, the Federation has welcomed several new member guilds, intensified its global efforts, taken a more aggressive position on freedom of the press and developed new partnerships.

A vehicle such as the newsletter is needed to provide a one-access statement and summary of new developments, plus publish other items that may not lend themselves to e-alerts.

IFAJ vice-president Lena Johansson, whose portfolio includes communications, will edit the newsletter. It will be produced quarterly (four times a year) published on the IFAJ website, It will also be distributed by the global office to executive members to make available to their guilds. Individuals will also be able to subscribe for free via the IFAJ website.

Besides the new newsletter, the revamped website and the popular e-alerts, IFAJ supports communications to members, and among them, through the federation’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Recently, the federation has also helped member associations hold e-meetings, through a free and particularly effective online service called GoToMeeting. Contact Global Coordinator Johnnie Belinda Cluff for more information.

Guilds are encouraged to provide articles and news to the newsletter.

Please consider IFAJ News an opportunity to learn more about your federation, and to contribute to its direction and depth.