President’s Message: Lena Johansson

We are all currently experiencing very special times. What we thought and hoped would be a short interlude has now been our everyday life for more than half a year. I have never before washed my hands so thoroughly and spent so much time at home. I feel like a caged bird who can’t fly anywhere.

Many of us have been forced to work from our homes, some have lost their jobs. Others have caught COVID-19 and some have even had to say farewell to loved ones. It is really uncertain and challenging times.

But in times like this it feels comforting to know that we have colleagues and friends in IFAJ from all over the world. We are many who are in the same situation. And we can collaborate and support each other. At least I feel a little bit better, when I know I’m not alone.

It was really a disappointment that we couldn’t meet in Denmark this June. The congresses and the socializing there mean a lot to many of us. I can assure you that our Danish colleagues are working hard to be able to arrange a congress next year, despite the pandemic. The plans for a congress in June 2021 have been shelved, but they haven’t yet given up the hope for a September congress.

It’s a challenge for a global organization to be relevant to its members when we can’t travel and meet in person. But thanks to our digital channels we can still keep in contact and conduct meetings. Our new web portal will provide us with opportunities to keep up our professional interaction. Be sure to log into the forums to share your opinions on these two engaging and important issues.

There are also a couple of webinars planned in the near future. And for those who want to hold webinars or meetings in their own guilds our global office can help you to use Zoom for up to 300 persons.

We will continue to try to find new ways to interact in our network and provide relevant activities despite the very special situation. In the meantime, keep distance and wash your hands, so I hope we will be able to see each other again soon.