The Caterpillar Development Bursary

IFAJ members are a diverse group of journalists. Invariably possessing a deep and detailed knowledge of their specific area of expertise, they undertake a variety of work across the six continents on which they operate and have their work seen and read by diverse audiences.

Professional development of this membership base is a prime objective for IFAJ and many of our activities – workshops, seminars, webinars and press trips, whether organised by IFAJ or in conjunction with third parties – seek to help members improve their skills and knowledge.

But many members have their own professional development goals, or areas of interest that they themselves wish to initiate and pursue. The Caterpillar Development Bursary intends to help to fund members planning such proposals.

This annual discretionary fund will provide grants to IFAJ members pursuing an opportunity that will not only help them professionally, but which will also help to further the progress and objects of IFAJ in some way.

Ideally, applications to the Fund will involve travel – underlining the way in which IFAJ unites our global profession – and will represent a move outside the applicant’s ‘comfort zone’.

Applicants will be required to put forward a compelling case to explain how their professional career and development would benefit from the grant. They must also state how they will represent IFAJ, and the contribution they would be making towards growth or greater awareness of its objectives and activities.

The ‘Caterpillar Development Scholars’ will be featured within their own area of the IFAJ website, explaining their topic and why it’s important to them and IFAJ. Each year’s Scholars will share their experiences and project outcomes at the annual Congress, through reports and poster displays. Our sponsor, Caterpillar, may also ask Scholars to share findings with them, or even present at company events.

Watch this space, and be alert to IFAJ news for more information about the application procedure, calls for entrants, and closing dates for the inaugural round of funding.