Federation calls for immediate release of Steve Iwewe 

Based on information we have received, The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) calls for the immediate release of journalist Steve Iwewe, who has been wrongfully detained and imprisoned in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We have been informed that Iwewe was arrested and imprisoned on Tuesday, February 26, 2019, for filming a demonstration of employees at the Ministry of Environment who were protesting their unpaid salaries. This treatment is unreasonable in any country, especially one that claims to be a democracy.

Iwewe has done nothing criminal. It is the right of all journalists, and also their duty, to document what is happening in their neighbourhood, to their environment, in politics and in society. 

We look forward to Iwewe’s release and to assurances that he and his colleagues are able to work without fear of reprisals and arrest.

IFAJ supports Freedom of the Press and demands the release of all journalists, who are imprisoned because of doing their job and without a fair trial.

On behalf of the IFAJ’s Freedom of the Press Committee

Michael “Micke” Godtfredsen

Member of the committee representing Finland