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Become an IFAJ Scholar


A professional development program of the

IFAJ-Caterpillar Development Bursary Fund

Professional development is a prime objective for IFAJ, supported through workshops, seminars and webinars. Now, thanks to IFAJ partner Caterpillar, IFAJ can help members achieve further professional development goals that they themselves wish to initiate.


Pursue the Extraordinary

With the Caterpillar Development Bursary Fund, IFAJ encourages members to pursue the extraordinary in search of personal professional development and wider IFAJ progress.

Move outside your ‘comfort zone’, ideally through international travel, and set out a compelling case why you should be one of the first Caterpillar Development Scholars.

What agricultural journalism projects have you been nurturing? What aspect of agriculture are you itching to investigate and report on? Which country’s agriculture holds an irresistible draw?

Whatever your passion, it will be something that benefits your professional career and development. But as a Scholar you will be representing IFAJ, so a successful application must demonstrate the contribution your proposal will make towards IFAJ’s growth, a greater awareness of its activities, or achieving key IFAJ objectives:

  • global development
  • youth development
  • professional development
  • support for freedom of the press.


Scholars’ Spotlight

Scholars are featured within a dedicated, branded area of the IFAJ website, explaining their topic and why it’s important to them and to IFAJ.

Bursary Rules and Conditions

A total of €4,000 is available. Our preference is to split that sum among several projects, so awards will likely be €1,000 to €1,500 each.

The number of bursaries and amounts to be awarded is discretionary. Preference will be given to proposals that will be completely funded by the award, rather than having the Caterpillar Bursary as part of a larger, multi-sourced budget.

December 20, 2019 (by 23h59 GMT)

Entries will be accepted from individual members of IFAJ-affiliated guilds in good standing.

Applicants must be full members of their guild, up-to-date with their personal subscription.

Only one entry per person is permitted. More than one person may apply from a member guild.

Entries will consist of a 300-word project description, a detailed budget and a media plan for sharing your project’s findings with a wider audience.

Entries will be assessed by the IFAJ Presidium (President, Vice President, Secretary General and Treasurer), after the closing date of December 20, 2019.

Entries will be judged on their originality, value for money and how it contributes to IFAJ’s growth, a greater awareness of its activities, or achieving key IFAJ objectives:

  • global development
  • youth development
  • professional development
  • support for freedom of the press

The judging panel will include a previous Caterpillar Development Scholar.

Scholars must complete their travel by May 31, 2020.

Scholars must submit a 1,000-word publishable report or equivalent to the IFAJ Global Office by June 15, 2020, and should be prepared to present their findings during the next IFAJ Congress (Jutland, Denmark from June 24-29, 2020), either in poster form or via a presentation, video, etc.

Scholars should also be aware that Caterpillar may wish to invite scholars to share their findings with them through their own company events.

The Fund is discretionary (no bursary must be awarded) and the decision of the Presidium is final (no additional correspondence will be entered into).

If you have any questions please contact the contest administrator using the form below.