Via Courier: A package from the president

Who can forget their first real reporting job?

Mine was as a cub reporter at a weekly newspaper in Ontario, called The Courier Press (a name we always shortened to The Courier). The publisher said he chose an active name like The Courier over some of the other typical newspaper names of the day, like the Observer, the Mirror and the Herald, because he wanted readers to feel like they were getting freshly delivered news — like a courier would bring.

I’m borrowing that sentiment for the name of my blog, The Courier, which I’ll be writing periodically for the IFAJ home page.

Owen Roberts, IFAJ President

It’s also part of the name of my descendants, the courier de bois, who back in the 1600s helped develop what we now know as Canada.

The Courier will include news, information, photos, reflections and whatever else I think might enhance members’ IFAJ experience.

Full marks for this idea go to the 2017 IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism. Earlier this year, during a 30/30 professional development session with them on blogging, they wondered aloud why the president didn’t have a blog.

Good question!

They suggested a blog from me as an additional way to connect with IFAJ members.

So here it is. Thanks in advance for being in touch.

Thanks to 2017 IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism for the inspiration for my new blog!