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Denmark invites Ukraine to IFAJ2022

There is war in Ukraine and the people there have a lot to think about. Hoping it will make the attendance at the IFAJ 2022 Congress in Denmark possible, the Danish guild, Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists (DFAJ), has invited 3 to 5 journalists from the Ukrainian Guild of Agricultural Journalists to the congress.

“We are happy if we can help some of our colleagues in Ukraine inviting them over to the congress and help with travel expenses. We think they should have a better chance to attend despite all their troubles,” Frederik Thalbitzer chairman of DFAJ says.

DFAJ is in touch with the Ukrainian guild. Right now, it would be very difficult to leave the country, and economy is also an issue.

“We hope things will change in the coming month so the Ukrainian journalists can attend,” Thalbitzer adds.

He stresses that it could not only be useful for the Ukrainian journalists, but also for all other participants who have a chance to talk directly with people who experienced the invasion about the agricultural situation in Ukraine during and hopefully after the war.

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