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IFAJ Discussion Sessions on the IFAJ Portal

The IFAJ Portal is home to a wide range of useful materials, including a pair of lively Zoom discussions among IFAJ members—one on reporting on land-use conflicts and another on food prices around the world. The food prices discussion features reports from the Ukraine by long-time IFAJ Executive member Iurii Mykhaylov, who was participating from his home in Kyiv.

“The first two discussion sessions were well-attended and provided a great opportunity for journalists to hear from each other about timely issues,” said Steve Werblow, vice president of IFAJ. “We are eager to create similar opportunities on other topics that members want to discuss. Anyone with an idea on a subject for a discussion is encouraged to contact me.”

The Portal, a free online resource for IFAJ members, also includes a wide range of resources, including:

• An exclusive IFAJ briefing by the Economist Intelligence Unit on its Global Food Security Index;
• Videos describing the benefits of participation in IFAJ activities, which are great for explaining IFAJ to guild members;
• A library of resources from Alltech on agricultural topics, which we hope is the first of many resource collections that will serve IFAJ members;
• A member directory;
• Discussion forums;
• and more.

It’s easy to sign up for access to the Portal. Access is restricted to members of IFAJ member guilds, which will keep the Portal a safe space for discussions, sharing leads, and other activities.

Sign up today by clicking here!

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