Build 2022 on Great Ideas

By Addy Rossi
Secretary General

Almost two years have passed since the appearance of Covid-19 has radically changed the life of each and every one of the people of this planet. And from this change, agricultural journalists have not been the exception.

Our life, and our profession, have changed remarkably. But in both cases the essence remained intact. Our fierce appetite for knowing, investigating and telling stories has not diminished.

We have adapted –once again– to a new way of working. We traveled through Zoom, we changed scenarios made up of thousands of green hectares for four walls and some windows, precaution forced us to change the hugs for a fist bump (in the best of cases), and with a mask we disguised ourselves as nurses for fear of catching a disease that had the peculiarity of stopping the world.

But what the Covid-19 could never stop was the production of food, because beyond fear, everyone needed to eat, and the producers had as much prominence as the doctors.

And beyond the fact that many people have not taken it into account, journalists have not stopped working either. We adapt, we reinvent ourselves, but we continue to face this invisible enemy, who caused so much damage in such a short time.

Journalism is the only profession that allows us to live history at the very moment of its becoming and also to be a direct witness; it is an extraordinary privilege and at the same time a terrible one. And I am convinced that, as the great Gabriel García Marquez said, “journalism is the best job in the world.”

I want to invite you to come to the IFAJ in this “new normal”, share your concerns with us, share your ideas and initiatives and also be part of an ever-larger, more global IFAJ. We will host an online conversation about The New Normal early next year, and use your great ideas to develop other discussions, webinars, newsletter features and more to make IFAJ even more useful and connected throughout 2022.

The doors of the IFAJ are always open to listen to you and to collaborate with you in everything that is within our reach.

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