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Turkish Guild Of Agricultural Journalists Hosts Colleagues from 16 Countries

The Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TGAJ) hosted 23 colleagues from 16 countries at a meeting in Antalya, Turkey on November 24-25, 2021. The meeting is part of a years-long campaign to raise the profile of agricultural journalism and build global networks, according to TGYAD president Ismail Ugural.

“As the Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists, we have been trying to emphasize the significance of agricultural journalism since 2012 in Turkey,” Ugural said. “In the meantime, we attach great importance to improve our international relations with the cooperation of IFAJ.”

The group met with Dr. Nevzat Birişik, general director of Turkey’s Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM); Dr. Ibrahim Yavuz, general director of the Antalya Teknokent (Technical Research Center at Akdeniz University); TV presenter Omer Kuloglu, and more.

The journalists also heard presentations from the Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Managers, the West Mediterranean Development Agency, Turkish Seed Industrialists and Producers Sub-Union, Yüskel Seeds Inc., Western Mediterranean Exporters Association, Western Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute, and the Antalya Agriculture Council.

In addition to presentations and facility tours, the program included visits to the expansive Growtech Fair in Antalya.

Attendees at the conference included:

Adrian Bell, England
Micke Godtfredsen, Finland
Alpha Ousmane Souare, Guinea
Danijela Plavsic, Bosnia and Hersegovina
Bojan Kecman, Bosnia and Hersegovina
Martin Ivanov, Bulgaria
Svetlana Trifonovska, Bulgaria
Yarivan Hameed Mohammed, Iraq
Alexander Vetrov, Russia
Tatiana Ignashchenko, Russia
Rusudan Gigashvili, Georgia
Besarion Beridzishvili, Georgia
Aizhan Rymbayeva, Kazakhstan
Shalkar Sattarov, Kazakhstan
Abolghasem Golbaf, Iran
Leila Habibi, Iran
Omnia Gohar, Egypt
Arie Regev, Israel
Duaa Hammad, Jordan
Halkawt Muhammad, Iraq
Hajiaga Aliyev, Azerbaijan
Heinz Gengenbach, Germany
Zipora Sharoor, Israel

“It was a superb event, keeping up the high standards we’ve come to expect from the Turkish Guild’s events,” said Adrian Bell. “While the tour was ostensibly organized around the Growtech event – the world’s most important greenhouse-focused exhibition – we were also treated to a huge variety of additional tours and presentations that painted a fabulous picture of the strengths and diversity of Turkish agriculture. From seed breeding to floriculture, agricultural mechanization to fresh produce exports, we saw and heard it all. And of course it was a delight to mark this occasion as the first in-person IFAJ event to take place since February 2020. Sixteen countries were represented by 23 participants, from three continents, emphasizing IFAJ’s truly global nature. Pleasing too was representation from newer members, such as Iran and Guinea, and an introduction to IFAJ for Bosnia and Hercegovina.

“Uniquely, we were also able to welcome our first member from Kazakhstan: Aizhan Rymbayeva, a ‘graduate’ of the 2021 Master Class programme, has joined the Turkish Guild as a non-domestic member. This approach to widening membership had previously been discussed within IFAJ’s Executive Committee and we’re very grateful to TAGYAD for taking the initiative to make it happen for Aizhan.”


Photos by Adrian Bell

Journalist Aizhan Rymbayeva of Kazakhstan (center) is welcomed as a member of the Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists by Ismail Ugural (left) and Ünal Örnek (right).

Growtech is the world’s largest greenhouse trade exhibition. In November, it was the site of a press tour hosted by the Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TAGYAD).

The Turkish Guild of Agricultural Journalists (TAGYAD) welcomed colleagues from 16 countries to Anatalya for a press tour and conference in November.

Turkish farms are celebrated for their bounty.

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