The longest salami in the world is Argentine and measures more than 183 meters.

By: Adalberto Rossi


On November 5 and 6, the Salami and Pork Festival was held in Tandil, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, an event that brings together thousands of visitors who come attracted by the assembly of this spectacular sausage made from hundreds of of kilos of excellent seasoned pork meat under the strict canons that the Denomination of Origin requires for this unique and special salami.

Juana Echazarreta, president of the council of the Denomination of Origin, an organization made up of 5 families that produce cured meats from Tandil that year after year propose to exceed the Salami measure of the previous year and show it to the world, said: “The longest salami in the world is of Tandil and of all Argentines”.

Mariano Frías, spokesperson for the council of the Tandil Salami Denomination of Origin, added: “We achieved it thanks to the work of each of the productive links in the pork chain that are committed to continuing to produce and pour added value into a wonderful city. The 183 meters of the longest salami in the world will be distributed among restaurants, hotels and businesses to be tasted by tourists who arrive in our beloved Tandil. In this way we will continue to invest in the growth of this tourist destination that works permanently, all year round”.

The Denomination of Origin seeks to protect a genuine and historical product of the region. The climate, pastures and cattle in the area are key to obtaining the flavor that distinguishes this product in the world and that has become a classic of the Argentinean snacks, whose consumption grows day after day. The ultimate goal of the Salame de Tandil Denomination of Origin is to value the local historical tradition, initiated by Italian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century, who settled in the foothills of the mountains due to its favorable climate for the slaughter and elaboration of sausages.