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2023 International Press Freedom Day webinar: 3 May

Please join IFAJ for a webinar on press freedom – 3 May at 1:00 pm GMT


The guest speakers during the webinar will be Md Manik Hossain and Shahanuare Shaid Shahin, both agricultural journalists in Bangladesh and members of the Bangladesh Agricultural Journalists and Activists Federation. The session has been organized by the IFAJ Freedom of the Press Committee and will be moderated by Micke Godtfredsen, chairperson of the committee.
They will present on the current state of press freedom in their country, and address the issues that they and their colleagues have to face in reporting about agriculture in Bangladesh.

Md Manik Hossain is a journalist who writes under the pen name “Manik Muntasir” for the daily Bangladesh Partdin, which is the largest circulation daily newspaper in the country. He has been working for nearly 17 years in print media in Bangladesh with different types of newspapers covering the agriculture sector, food security, the macro economy and banking sector, as well as the social economy. In addition to being a member of the country’s IFAJ guild, he has taken a leadership role in other journalist organizations such as Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU). Mr. Hossain has travelled extensively to numerous countries in Europe, the USA, the Philippines, and the UAE. He has experience covering international events such as the World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank annual meetings, as well as the 12th WTO Ministerial
Conference and the Global Media Forum (GMF).

Shahanuare Shaid Shahin holds a master’s degree in economics from the Jahangirnagar University, and a second master’s in entrepreneurial economics from the University of Dhaka, the country’s oldest university. He started his career as a reporter with the daily Bonik Barta, where he was promoted to become Deputy City Editor and Magazine Editor. He currently now works as a senior reporter for the daily Kaler Kantho, the third-largest circulation newspaper in Bangladesh. Over the course of his 12-year career in journalism, he has published more than two thousand reports and articles in the areas of agriculture, environment and climate change, the economy and finance, as well as on planning and development issues, government affairs and research organizations. In addition, he has presented more than 35 keynote papers at
various national and international seminars and workshops.


Please sign up for the webinar by 2 May 2023 to receive the Zoom link to this
informative and free session presented by IFAJ.