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Award for long-serving KPN member

The Slovak Syndicate of Journalists Prize at the 16th  Top Agro Slovakia went to Lora Nedelceva-Dobrucká.
It was a fitting tribute to this long-serving  member of the Slovak Club of Agricultural Journalists (KPN).
As KPN chairman Jozef Sedlák put it: “Even if gallantness says never mention the age of a lady, I need to reveal something. Lora has been working in the print media for  50 years already.”
An active member of KPN, Lora has edited all the Top Agro yearbooks which describe the  100 best Slovak farmers and agricultural firms  honoured at Top Agro each year. Lora for 30 years at the Rosnícke noviny agricultural newspaper, as an editor and as a chief deputy editor.
Now she looks after special editions of the high profile Trend business weekly magazine dealing with such diverse topics as finance,  industry, construction, then maybe cars or tourism.
She is recognised as a good team player,  co-operating with many writers, most of them young enough to be her grandsons or granddaughters. Maybe this is what keeps her still young.

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