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Deadline approaching for sustainability journalism award

The June 15 deadline is approaching for IFAJ’s newest award, the IFAJ-YARA Award for Reporting on Sustainable World Agriculture.

This award is open to articles, internet productions or radio/TV broadcasts on the broad themes of hunger, feeding the world sustainably and meeting the challenge of providing nutrition to a growing world population.

This award provides a unique professional development opportunity for all IFAJ members to participate in a broad-based contest that is relevant to current global issues – the goal of higher food production with a lower carbon footprint. It is open to all members; guilds are not required to put forward a candidate.

This year’s theme is how to feed a growing world population. Experts say we must double agricultural production during the next 40 years in order to avoid hunger and to produce agricultural products for energy. At the same time agricultural land will only increase slightly, and water may be an even more limited resource. Can we meet this challenge?

Send your entries in electronic format such as PDF or MP3 to Secretary General Owen Roberts, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada (email owen(at)

For more information about the award, visit

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