IFAJ-Caterpillar Bursary Available: Apply to Fund Your Professional Development Dream!

What agricultural journalism projects have you been nurturing? What aspect of agriculture are you itching to investigate and report on? Which country’s agriculture holds an irresistible draw?

With the Caterpillar Development Bursary Fund, IFAJ encourages members to pursue the extraordinary in search of personal professional development and wider IFAJ progress.

Focus on a passion that benefits your professional career and development. But as a Scholar you will be representing IFAJ, so a successful application must demonstrate the contribution your proposal will make towards IFAJ’s growth, a greater awareness of its activities, or achieving key IFAJ objectives:

  • global development
  • youth development
  • professional development
  • support for freedom of the press.

Scholars must complete their travel by May 31, 2020. They must also be prepared to make a presentation, send a poster or deliver a written report to the 2020 IFAJ Congress in Denmark in June 2020.

A total of €4,000 is available. Individual awards will likely be €1,000 to €1,500 each. (Preference will be given to proposals that will be completely funded by the award, rather than having the Caterpillar Bursary as part of a larger, multi-sourced budget.)

Any member of an IFAJ member guild in good standing may apply. Visit the IFAJ website for rules, details and an online application today!

Application deadline is December 20, 2019.

Watch this 2.5-minute video by 2018 Caterpillar Scholar Olivia Cooper to see what she did with her bursary: