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IFAJ Congress 2024 in Switzerland, Aug 14 to 18

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What to expect?

  • Enjoy a welcome dinner on board the lake cruise MS Berner Oberland on Lake Thun.
  • Meet the Minister of Agriculture and leaders from the food sector.
  • Learn about media and agriculture.
  • Get insights into the latest developments in Swiss agriculture.
  • Explore various destinations.
  • Visit the Top of Europe, the highest railway station in Europe.
  • Explore Western Switzerland and Geneva’s agriculture and food industry.
  • Discover Austria’s agriculture.

Why Attend IFAJ Congress?


The return on investment is outstanding, say veteran congress-goers.

Attending an IFAJ congress is a significant investment of time and money, but experienced congress-goers point out that there is plenty of return on those investments.

Why attend an IFAJ congress? Here are comments from experienced attendees.


It’s An Investment in Your Business.

Allison Finnamore of Canada points out to fellow freelancers that IFAJ represents a solid investment in professional development.

“As a freelancer, what is your professional development plan, and how does it fit into your business plan?” Finnamore asks. “You’re operating a business, so take a step back and look at yourself that way.

“In a business, it’s typical for the owner to budget money and time for staff professional development,” she adds. “Some businesses even require staff to participate in professional development. Why shouldn’t you operate your freelance business the same way and include the IFAJ congress as a learning expense?”


It’s a Rich Source of Stories.

Freelancer Steve Werblow of the United States has attended congresses since 2008. He points out that he has always returned home with more than enough stories to cover the costs of attendance.

Werblow points to stories he brought home from the 2022 congress in Denmark for the US and Canadian editions of The Furrow magazine, including features on organic hog production, high-tech cow surveillance, innovations in feed, and a human-interest story on the Faroe Islands. Interviews and photos gathered at the congress also contributed to this cover story on growing demands for protein.

“In addition to the agricultural features, congresses could feed revenue streams from travel and food media as well,” he adds.

Annette Weber, an experienced agricultural journalist who now works for Austria’s Federal Ministry of Economics, says, “I always come home with so many stories and so many ideas which I really can use for my work.” (See Annette’s interview here.)


It’s Inspiring.

Weber adds that she builds her own skills by talking and working with other journalists.

“It’s like a win-win situation for me because it’s very interesting, you get a very good insight in the country and in the work of the journalists in the country but also in the work of journalists from all over the world,” she says.

Adds Ben Briggs, who served as editor in chief of a stable of British agricultural publications including the renowned Farmers Guardian, “It’s one of the most amazing opportunities you’ll ever get in your life, and it gives you context—not only about your own job and where that sits it the world, but also where your country sits, context about agriculture and the challenges we all face.” (See Ben’s interview here.)


The Network is Priceless

Irene Viseras of Cooperativas Agro-Alimentàries Illes Balears in Spain attended the recent IFAJ press tour in Malaga organized by her national guild, APAE.

“I think this global network can open doors to new opportunities for collaboration and continuous learning,” she says. (See Irene’s comments here.)

Participating in international programs like press tours and congresses, Viseras notes, “comes at a cost, of course, but I have found that some of these costs can be covered by scholarships and subsidies, so it is important to take advantage of all available funding opportunities.”


It’s More Than Just A Visit.

IFAJ congress is an immersive education experience.

Multimedia journalist Prince Appiah of Ghana, “It’s one of the best training I have had as a journalist since I started my career as a journalist.” (See Prince’s interview here.)

It’s also an unforgettable opportunity to see people, places, and practices that would be very difficult to encounter any other way.

Science communicator Katherine Torday Gulden of the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research says, “It’s a way of seeing a country in a different way that one would ever see it if one ever came as a tourist.”

“Don’t even wonder about it,” she advises. “Just come.”