IFAJ Platform for Developing Journalism


by Riitta Mustonen, Secretary General, Finland

Sparkling examples of what our members do can be seen on the IFAJ website. So much talent, new ideas, ways of saying, looking and interpreting things. So much to learn.
For example, look at those marvelous photos of the IFAJ photo contest: Peter Risteviski’s “I won’t abandon you”, winner of this year’s competition, or Cliff Donaldson’s “Feeding time,” winner of last year. Read Caitriona Murphy’s story “Fear that stalks our farms.” Or watch Sean Murphy’s video “Freedom of choice.” You’ll be impressed.
Where else besides IFAJ could you get international feedback for your works in agricultural journalism? IFAJ gives you an international platform and offers possibilities for all its members to participate in its contests.
When you have taken a unique photo, written a significant story or composed an online piece, don’t hesitate to enter it to our contests. Look back at what you have done this year – there must be a piece that you want to share with others. You will get feedback from international judges and contribute your share in our common professional development package.
Before that, go to the IFAJ website and have a look at www.www.ifaj.org/contests-awards, to see what has been done previously. I believe you’ll learn something. At the very least, you’ll enjoy what you see and hear.
If you have ideas about what more IFAJ can do for professional development, please contact your executive committee member or an IFAJ presidium member. IFAJ can help us to become better agricultural journalists.