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IFAJ Webinar: Sustainability and IFAJ2022

Date: 24 November 2021

Time: 2-3 pm (GMT)

Denmark as an agricultural and food nation with a strong focus on sustainability After two years break IFAJ is ready with the next congress in Denmark week 26 (27 June to 3 July, 2022).

Here is our theme:

Across the food value chain, collaborative efforts aim for the most efficient use of natural resources with a strong focus on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Denmark’s innovative and knowledge-intensive agriculture and food sector is built on our tradition for collaboration between companies, authorities and research institutes.

We are happy to invite all members of IFAJ to a webinar about sustainability in Danish agriculture and the IFAJ 2022 congress in Denmark.


Program for the webinar

2.00-2.10: Welcome to the webinar – and a few words about IFAJ 2022 congress, Hugh Maynard, IFAJ, Frederik Thalbitzer, chairman, DFAJ


2.10-2.40: Food Nation presents Denmark as food and agricultural nation with focus on sustainability.

Ever since Danish consumers started the first wave of environmentally friendly consumption in the 1960s, Danish food production has led the world in making products with minimal pollution, high resource efficiency and a small carbon footprint. This is something we constantly strive to do better, and since 1990 the Danish agricultural sector has succeeded in both producing more and polluting less.

Through the steady refinement of production techniques, Danish farmers have learned to make the most of the relatively small area of agricultural land available to them. Across generations, they have made a virtue of maximizing and recirculating resources to the benefit of nature and the environment.

With resourceful crop and livestock farming, we produce enough food to feed three times our own population. Denmark’s farmers are known for being among the most climate-efficient in the world – a position they aim to maintain while inspiring other countries to follow suit.

2.40-2.50: Q and A from Lena Johansson and Adalberto Rossi (IFAJ Presidium) and participants

2.50: Congress in Denmark seen from an overseas and IFAJ perspective, Steve Werblow, IFAJ vice president


2.55: Goodbye – Frederik Thalbitzer


More about the congress will follow

Two weeks prior to the webinar, we will send a PDF with a brief overview of the congress events and the planned 20 excursions with 50 visits at the IFAJ 2022 congress. We plan to be ready for invitations to all IFAJ guilds and members in early January. 


Kind regards


Frederik Thalbitzer, chairman, DFAJ


Join us to hear more about how we are producing more with less in the Danish agriculture and food cluster.