Isolated Office Webinar

With Coronavirus-inspired lockdowns forcing more people than ever to join the growing ranks of work-at-home journalists, now is the perfect time for IFAJ’s new webinar, “The Isolated Office: Blessing or Curse?”

Lindi Botha—winner of the 2019 IFAJ Star Prize for Writing—and fellow award-winning journalist Lloyd Phillips share their insights and experiences from their own remote home offices in South Africa. Get their perspectives on work-at-home challenges for morning people and night owls alike, from staying in the loop on office happenings to maintaining your energy, avoiding distractions, and staving off “cabin fever.”

Lindi and Lloyd are the perfect pick-me-up during these stressful times and ideal sources of great tips for working remotely. Spend an hour with them and help us kick off this year’s free IFAJ Webinar series at