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Lisa Alexander – Australia

The Channel Country Comes Alive

Freelance photographer Lisa Alexander travelled to Windorah in far western Queensland on the tip of a friend to capture the surrounding channels filling with floodwaters that began as rain further north. According to locals, the district is experiencing its best season ever, and Lisa’s images reflect the myriad of native grasses that have sprung to life. 

“Because we had rain much later in the season this year, the water arrived in the Channel Country in early winter,” says Blackall-based Lisa. “And when you get rain at different times, different grasses, herbages and flowers grow. It’s quite unusual.” 

Lisa took this series of images in a helicopter and with a drone – as she’s done a number of times – but this is the first time she’s managed to capture such a vibrant display of colours. “On the ground it doesn’t look like much at all, but it’s not until you get in the air that you realise how unique and breathtaking it actually is.

Her photographs show a labyrinth of striking pinks, yellows and greens, captured during twilight when the cool-toned light makes landscapes appear differently. The pink is the ground, just before sunrise. I couldn’t get those colours again, it was just the right angle, at the right time.Her images were published in a photo essay for Bush Journal, along with news websites around the world