Registration Open For 2022 World Congress In Denmark!

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Registration is now open online for the IFAJ World Congress 2022 – Smarter Farming and Food Production for Green and Sustainable Growth, hosted by the Danish Food and Agricultural Journalists.


Key dates include:


  • The main IFAJ 2022 Congress will take place in Denmark from June 27 to July 3 in Vingsted.
  • The pre-congress tour will take place from June 24 to June 27 in Copenhagen.
  • The post-congress tour will take place from July 3 to July 7 in the Faroe Islands.


The main congress will consist of 20 excursions over four days. Detailed information is available in this PDF and you can visit the Congress website.


In addition to excursions, there will be several workshops, including freedom of the press, and cooperation between ag-journalists across borders.


On the VIP Day, the Danish organizers have invited a Danish minister, a US government agriculture official, an EU commissioner and directors of international organisations related to agriculture to explore the topic: How do we produce feed, food and energy for 10 billion people in 2050 and at the same time secure a healthy environment, biodiversity and climate?


We have also arranged a partner day where you can see new technology, attend seminars, and interview CEOs, researchers and more.


The main congress will take place at the hotel and conference Centre Vingsted, located near Billund Airport. All participants can be accommodated at the conference centre.


Register now, pay later

“With regards to the Covid-19 situation, the forecast for Denmark is that it will peak in late January and then decline,” notes Frederik Thalbitzer, president of the Danish Guild. “At present, fully vaccinated people can travel to Denmark from a large number of countries, among others Schengen and OECD countries, without isolation. The authorities expect the situation to be much better in June/July. However, right now we only ask for registration for the congress. We will ask for payment later, when the situation is clearer.”


Congress fees, which include room, meals and participation in the main Congress tours and events, are as follows:


Single room (register before February 28)                            €1,000

Single room (registered from March 1)                             €1,075


Double room (register before February 28)                            €900

Double room (registered from March 1)                            €975


Room with 3-4 beds (register before February 28)     €825

Room with 3-4 beds (registered from March 1)          €900


Add-on tours:

Pre-Congress tour to Copenhagen and Zealand, June 24-27 (details here)

Single room                                                                           €440

Double room                                                                        €380


Post-Congress tour to the Faroe Islands, July 3-7 (details here)

Single room                                                                          €1,750

Double room                                                                        €1,500

Register here, pay later.